Trail Walking with Kids: Essential Packing Guide

When you decide to go hiking or trail walking with kids, there are certain things that you need to have in your pack every time you go out. It’s important to include some fun items such as kids binocularsfor close up nature views but it is equally important to include items that you need to have in order to make sure that everyone stays happy and healthy. You don’t have to take a lot of things with you, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ensure that you have some of the more important basic needs met. Keep reading to find out what you need to pack for your kids the next time you go trail walking.

Trail Walking with Kids: Essential Packing Guide

A Jacket and a Hat

Depending on where you live, these items can be more important than you think. Even during the warmer months, certain areas can become quite chilly once the sun starts going down. If you’re hiking at a cooler time of the year, you never know what the weather might be like by the time you get back. Similarly, the temperature can change a great deal with altitude so if you’re hiking in a mountainous area, you will experience noticeable changes along the way.

You might think that you don’t need a jacket or a hat for your kids because you’ll only be out a couple of hours. The idea is to plan for the unexpected. If you should become lost or one of you is injured, you could be out there a lot longer than you planned. Therefore, it’s important that you carry these items along with you even if you don’t initially think you’ll need them. They don’t take up much space, nor do they really add to the weight of your pack. When it’s all said and done, it’s a lot better to be prepared than not.

Trail Walking with Kids: Essential Packing Guide

A First Aid Kit

Whether you’re hiking with kids or by yourself, you should never go out without a good first aid kit. It is wise to pack a first aid kit. You can purchase a good basic kit from most stores,or you can assemble one of your own. That’s up to you, but it’s important to remember that you should include the items that you can really use when you’re out on a hike.

If an item in the kit isn’t applicable to hiking it’s best to leave it behind because you don’t want to add weight or bulk to your pack. If you don’t have medical experience in the field, it’s important that you take a first aid class, so you know how to use the items inside the kit. Moreover, first aid and CPR training will prepare and equip you in case the unexpected injury occurs.

Trail Walking with Kids: Essential Packing Guide

Water and Snacks

You should never go hiking without water, no matter what time of year it is or what the temperature is outside. Make sure you have enough water not only for yourself but for everyone that’s with you. It’s okay for each person to carry their own pack, even small children. Their packs will be much smaller than your own, but it’s a good idea to get them in the habit of being responsible for their own well-being.

Since kids tend to get hungry every few hours, it’s also a good idea to carry some snacks. You can pack granola bars, nuts or even some fruit. Just make sure that whatever you decide to take, it’s non-perishable and can handle being jostled around inside your pack until you eat it.

Trail Walking with Kids: Essential Packing Guide

Sunscreen and Eye Protection

Last, but certainly not least, you need to make sure that you have plenty of sunscreen with you. Remember, kids tend to burn more rapidly than adults, especially if they’re fair skinned. They need sun protection that is at least SPF 50. It should be applied every few hours for ideal protection. It’s also a good idea to provide them with a good pair of sunglasses for eye protection.

Walking along a trail with your kids can be a lot of fun if you take the right precautions and items to keep the kids interested. It doesn’t take that long to make sure you have everything you need. Most importantly, it will help you all have a lot more fun whenever you’re out on a walk together.