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What Do Vegans Eat On a Regular Basis?

Vegans are often under the misconception that we eat nothing but plants all day, but there are so many exciting ways to eat our favorite foods without including meat, eggs, and dairy. To your surprise we aren’t gnawing on stems of kale or forcing ourselves to enjoy the taste of tofu. When people notice I am not eating meat they get a look of confusion on their face and ask ‘So what do you eat?’ For all the skeptics, soon to be herbivores, or current plant based warriors under constant question, I have created a list to prove there is diversity in our day to day meals.

How to Become a Vegan

So, you want to go vegan. No idea where to start? Asking yourself the all too common question of, ‘but where will I get my protein!’? Majority of people have a general understanding of what a plant-based lifestyle looks like but lack the fundamental understanding of how to implement it into their daily lives. Well friends, I am here to tell you that taking the leap will be a beautiful and exciting adventure. My main piece of advice: Sit back, relax and allow this blog post to guide you through the whirlwind and take all of the guess-work out of it for you!