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Climate Change & Global Warming

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A change in the political agenda is essential and it is time for our politicians to combat the effects of climate change. We need to take action as the impacts of climate change is effecting our land, and ultimately effecting our citizens, livelihood and the economy. The Women’s Party pledges to make practical solutions to the existential crisis of global warming we currently face.

The parliament has failed to take action to save our land and has let biodiversity loss come to an all time low. Australia is responsible for a significant loss of biodiversity and accounts for (in combination of 7 other nations) over 50% of global biodiversity loss. If we act now, we can prevent further damage and restore what biodiversity we have left. We recognise that there is a fault in our current political system and will phase out support of industries that continue to assist in the depletion of the environment. We will address the issues of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef, attend to the farmers effected by the state-wide drought in NSW, and any other challenges we face due to the effects of climate change.

Australia is currently the biggest exporter of coal. We aim to make a change to this, and implement renewable energy as a solution to climate change. We do not support industries that assist in furthering the impacts of global warming such as mining, burning and exporting of coal and gas. The Adani coal mine is not a project that we support, as it does not align with our climate change policies and will not supply the amount of jobs for Queenslanders as it claims.

Our plan is to implement 100% renewable, clean energy by 2030. The replacement of coal to renewable energy will create new jobs, boost our economy and make our energy bills cheaper.

Australia signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, and although claiming to be committed to take domestic and international action on climate change, we have drastically failed to do so. Our plan is to not only reach the Paris Agreement but also lead the way by surpassing the goals for net-zero emissions. We support the research in electric vehicles and plan to invest in infrastructure that supports this system. This will allow for easier transition into a cleaner and smarter country.

The Women’s Party supports a federal ban on the use of plastic bags. By 2025, we plan to reduce pollution by 50% and reach net-zero pollution by 2030.