Equal Representation

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Equal Representation

  • Working within our parliamentary political system, women are 6.6 times more likely to respond with transparency and honesty than men
  • Women in parliament create more space for authenticity over the self-aggrandisement of men.
  • The business of governing would be improved significantly if we had greater gender diversity in the parliaments.
Equal Representation for The Women's Party

“The Women’s Party” is a political movement formed primarily: To attain equal representation of women in our federal and state parliaments, to select and endorse candidates, so that we may have an equal input and say in the decision-making processes and management of our Nation.

We believe that the only way that we can create respect between women and men is by standing equally and serving our nation in our houses of parliament and so creating an atmosphere where our parliament will legislate gender quotas to enable women to constitute 50% of our elected parliamentarians.

We are about setting aside and changing outmoded attitudes to gender, race, colour, creed and sexual preferences. And demanding the respect that we deserve in our daily contribution to our families our children our workplaces our society and our nation.

Achieving these outcomes requires a group effort of support by women.

Our strength comes from our communication, interconnectivity, collaborative and generational efforts to move toward the good.

It is clear that the honesty and transparency that women can bring to our parliaments is not only desirable but absolutely necessary if we are to reduce systemic corruption and create an economic atmosphere the ensures a realistic and democratic continuation of our society as we would like it to be.

The Women’s Party will work together with government, business and the public to bring about legislation to ensure equal representation of women in our parliaments and parliamentary system.

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