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First Nations People (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) Rights and Recognition

the womens party first nations peoples rights

As a nation we need to honour the unique place of the First Nations People (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) and their heritage honestly, openly and without condescension.

The First Nations Peoples rights and recognition are inexorably entwined in the hopes & needs, wishes and the lack of real constitutional representation of all Australians.

It is the condescension by the Australian people through our State and Federal governments attitudes over many decades that has isolated and alienated our Nation’s First People. Successive Australian governments continue to fail in achieving meaningful change for these peoples.

WE have not been paying attention!

Policies that have been led by our politicians and bureaucracy and been formed with very little consultation with the First Nations People  are highly suspect.

Policies led by First Nations People, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and supported by a genuine process of consultation need to become a priority.

First Nations Peoples have also suffered from the limited recognition and protection of their cultures, languages and rights and ownership of land and resources.

The Women’s Party will consult and work together with First Nations women and men to address their welfare, health and cultural needs. To that end, to work and bring about constitutional change, so that they and their unique place in our society is fully recognised.

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