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In the perfect world, everybody needs some workout time. This may not be the case especially when one wants to commit some time to the family, job, and school. The twenty-four hours feel nearly inadequate to meet all the day’s responsibility. In this case, you may be forced to look for ways of sneaking out a workout into your super busy schedule. This may involve turning your commuting into a workout, setting your alarm extremely and become an A.M exerciser, sneak in a lunch break out workout or workout from work. This may not be convenient for everybody as some people cannot get an hour to workout. If that’s the case, then you got a perfect solution. Even with your busy schedule you definitely cannot miss at least ten minutes in a day.

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Who Is 10-Minute Trainer Made For?

This is a workout system that was developed by a fitness guru for people who are out of shape. Tony Horton must have thought of people who would wish to exercise but somehow they don’t have a flexible schedule. The workout plan only needs you to exercise for ten minutes or more if your schedule allows. In as much as you will have to do a lot of exercises within this period, you will have saved on time. The program promises to deliver the results within ten minutes per day. You are also given an opportunity to choose the combination that suits you best.

The program does not have any limits as men, women and even the youths have been using it. There are some main workouts which are intended to work out several muscles at a go. This will help to reduce the body fat by working your upper body, lower body and any other core part of your body. The workout plan may yield best results for beginners who have lots of fat and not those whose intentions are just maintaining the spot shape. Those that have excess fat can also enroll into the program just to be reasonably fit.

What Is 10- Minute Trainer Made Of?

Each of the 10-minute session provides its intended workout in an intense and focused manner. The workout provides the grounds to burn as many calories as possible. This will also allow you to do a lot of workout within a busy schedule. The program encourages you to work out during the multiple routines every day for a sequence of ten minutes. You can go beyond the ten minutes but still you need to monitor the programs that you may engage during the day. There are several workouts which are included in this plan.

Total Body Workout

In this plan, you will work your entire body. With just four moves your entire bodyweight circuit workout will get your heart pumping and tones your abs, legs, and arms. All that you need is to embrace the philosophy and compete with yourself. You also have to do some repetitions for each of the four steps.

Cardio Workout

This is an efficient way of burning off extra calories and keeping your metabolism high every day using only a few minutes. The plan may also bring some change in your mindset and attitude. The program requires you to perform a four-move warm-up and then move into the main circuit. Ensure that you do the exercises as fast as possible for about a minute without resting between the moves. The workouts may include; reverse lunges, squats with arms overhead plank with shoulder touches, burpees, squat jumps and downward dog.

Abs Workout

This is for those who are working towards a flat tummy. The exercise is more challenging than the traditional plank as you may be supporting your whole body with only two points of contact this forces you to work your core a little bit harder so as to stabilize. You may also move your whole body using your arm and leg while still incorporating resistance to make your core harder.

Lower Body Workout

This is a workout that cuts across your hips and legs. The workout may include; barbell front squat, barbell deadlift, dumbbell lunges and seated leg curl.

Yoga Flex Workout

Tony’s On –The- Go Workout Card

The cards are very convenient and you can travel with them wherever you go and workout.

10-Minutes Trainer Pro and Cons

Although  10- minute trainer is not a supplement but a workout program, It has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the program’s benefits.

It is a well-put program that delivers great results if one follows the recommended guidelines. This includes both the exercises and the diets. Where most clients fail is when they only apply the exercises and then rely on other unhealthy diets. If one follows the guidelines, strictly the workout plan will be super effective.

Everybody looks for convenience even when it comes to the workouts. If you are looking for convenience, then the program suits you best as it provides that one can comfortably work from their home at any time.

The workout program helps you to save a lot of money as it is less expensive and does not require you to buy the expensive gym facilities.

The workout program is so clear from the disc, and you just have to follow the steps. There is no special equipment needed.

If you have limited time, the program works for you as opposed to other kinds of workout programs which require you to spend a lot of time exercising.

The workout can be done by anybody and people with different fitness levels. This is simple because it does not have age limits and also the exercises are friendly.

Tony’s on-the-go cards are very convenient hence you can carry them wherever you go and exercise.

The sessions can be divided into chunks during the day or even packed together for maximum results.

The workout system comes with a diet plan which is very helpful, and this gives great details to the clients on how they can get to 5-6 small meals in a day.

The workout plan does not require you to have an instructor. This saves you a lot of costs which you would pay an instructor if the program required you to.

The company offers a sixty days money back guarantee and also gives gifts such as T-shirts to clients who send their before and after photos.


Some people go for the convenience, and they may be so reluctant. This may not yield best results as in most cases weight loss does not go with convenience.

Some people think that it is more convenient having the single DVD instead of the two DVDs, and so they have to change the course of the workout, and this may be disruptive.

The diet that is proposed may be so restrictive

Some people may not access the workout program due to lack of the media.

The intensive 10-minute workout may not be convenient to some starters. This may be so especially if one needs a slow workout.

10-Minute Trainer Prices

The price of any product is very important. Price is a key determinant of the affordability of this product. Knowing where to buy is also very is also very important as the clients will know the convenient point for them. Most of the companies have their unique ways of making the clients believe in them. This may be through friendly prices or some offers. The 10-minute trainer is not an exceptional. The company has come up with means of making the clients settle for the workout plan. There is a sixty days money back guarantee, ones you buy from the official site there is free shipping.

The 10-minute whole body workout

The 10-minute core cardio workout

The 10-minute upper body workout

24/7 online support

Tony’s advanced workout calendar

To get the refund, you will need to call the customer care through the number provided on the official site. The refund does not include the shipping and handling fee. In case you return you can as well keep the five free gifts.

Review and Results

How clients view the product matter. For a genuine product, we are likely to get both the positive and negative reviews as customers will always speak out their mind. It’s hard to find a client who praises the product which does not yield the expected results as it would be the case with most manufacturers. For potential users to make their final decisions, it is important that they may consider what those that have been using the products say. This should however not be their sole source of information as they can research about the product or even inquire from a specialist.

Regarding the 10- minute trainers, there has been a lot of positive reviews. However, there were some complaints cited online concerning the high prices. Some of the clients felt what was charged was not worthy as this is only a DVD. For the workout plan to be effective, they were the ones to implement and go the rough way. They felt the product was quite demanding to be that expensive.

Other customer’s complaints cut across the long advertisement throughout the five videos. They felt that this was an injustice for them as they didn’t need any more advertisements after buying the workout system. All they needed now is to experience the impacts by themselves. The long advertisement even made it hard for the clients as they were working out. It was hard to keep up with the pace, yet the client is required to keep the pace while working out for effective results.

We also note that the 10-minute trainer can be easy for a client who already has a good shape and extremely difficult for the overweight clients who do not exercise regularly. This could be so as the workout plan requires the client to do so much within a very little period. If the client has an average weight, they may not necessarily have problems with their back and are likely to achieve the best results.

From the reviews, you will realize that 10-minutes trainer requires you to have more than the ten minutes as most would expect. This is simply because the recommended 2-3 workouts per day may be more than ten minutes. Even after completing the three workouts and watching what they ate, some of the clients still did not lose weight but only strengthened their bodies.

Some clients also noted that the exercises were completed very fast and there is no warning while transiting to the next workout. This requires you to spend a lot of time watching the video so as to memorize where the transitions occur and keep up with the video.

The clients also talked about the package, and they felt that the five exercises, a resistance band, and a resistance belt may not be worth for paying almost $100. They also noticed that you would have to go nearly doorway with hinges for you to use the belt.

To sum up, it is very important for you to weigh if this is the kind of workout plan what would work for you. The plan also needs you to be more disciplined as you are only competing with yourself. This simply means that if you are the kind of people who love competing with crowds, then this workout plan is not suitable for you. If you are in moderate shape and do not have issues with the back or the joints, the workout is suitable for you. This also requires you to expect more than just weight loss as it may disappoint. Instead of thinking of weight loss, focus more on the conditioning and strength. If you dwell so much on weight loss, you may not see the results of your hard-earned cash.





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