Insanity Max 30 – Workout Program And Schedule

Beach Body, one of the top sellers of workout videos is back again with another exercise program, Insanity Max 30. It is a 60-day fitness program created by Shaun T, split into two months of different sets of workouts, each lasting for 30 minutes. The official Beachbody site describes Max 30, “At first, you might only make it through 3 minutes. That means 3:00 is your MAX OUT time. Next time you do the workout; try to push that time just 30 seconds longer. If you can make 30 seconds of progress every day for 60 days, at the end of 60 days, you will make it all the way to MAX 30. And when that happens, trust me, you are going to feel and look like a freaking fitness god.”

It takes the baton from other exercise programs, ensuring that individuals who are only keeping fit without necessarily building large muscles while also burning calories within a very short time. Additionally, you need not actually to purchase any new equipment or material for the workouts.

Inarguably, to stay relevant in the fitness industry, producers of workout videos need to come up with new options and variations for the favorite workouts. It is the reasoning behind the making of the Insanity Max 30 exercise which offers not only routine activities but also dietary plans for users, which when combined are set to deliver excellent results regarding promotion of overall health as well as a lean body.

Therefore, Insanity Max 30 is for everyone looking to push his or her body into new levels of exercises, surpassing their routine workout schedules. It uses less time, usually 30-60 minutes and this assures you of some real training time, compared to hitting the gym for one hour. Insanity Max 30 also comes in to help individuals with less time available on their hands to go about some exercises on their own.

It is scientifical proven that burning more calories is done by a regular workout, altering the heart rate with little or no time for cool down. Insanity Max 30 seeks to maintain a steady and constant exercise, without the need of developing an overly muscular body. Moreover, by eliminating, the need to use weights makes it easier to afford Insanity Max 30, but it reduces the amount of weight resistance anyone can obtain during the workout.

The name “Insanity,” coined on the workout symbolizes the high pace of the moves in this workout. Most of the moves are cardio based hence get the heart pumping and burn the most calories possible.

Essential features of Insanity Max 30 include;

  • Each exercise is around 30 minutes in length.
  • No cooldown periods but a straight workout of specific intervals.
  • Over 150 new moves from previous Insanity Max version.
  • Same essential format as Insanity Max, with only constant intervals with no repeats and breaks included in the workout routine.

About the Maker

Shaun T, reputed for the making of the first Insanity Max workout, creates the Insanity Max 30 workout. In this exercise schedule, he has changed the original concept of applying, fitting the original Insanity into just a 30 minutes workout program.

Breakdown of the Insanity Max 30

12 Workouts on 10 DVDs

Insanity Max 30 program is broken down into two separate months. Each month has its set of exercises.

Month 1- This month involves doing the same workouts each week, five days a week. The activities  include;

  • Cardio Challenge is usually the hardest cardio sequences, according to It only takes 30 minutes to go about moves like squat kicks, plus power knees, plank jacks, plank speed taps. The workout is core-centric, meaning that you will have a healthy body in a short while.
  • Sweat Intervals involves moves like plyo and strength-based moves, to help in burning of calories and fat from the head to the toes. It is a bit frightening at first as it involves lots of screaming and harder than the cardio challenge.
  • Tabata Power involves lifting your body weight. You will be getting to the floor and back up again, hence tighten and tone the body. Moves in Tabata Power include dog spider, power jumps, burpee, lunges, push-up rows and triceps dips
  • Tabata Strength involves quite some strong moves, for example, the diamond jump burpee sequence, pup-up variations, mummy kicks and Jack abs, among others.
  • Friday Fight: Round 1 involves some medicine ball twist, hit the floors, X jumps X planks, abs attacks, the speed ins and outs and a whole lot of heart pumping moves.

Month 2- In this month, the intensity explodes with the addition of five maxed out exercises. Here you will encounter the following workouts;

  • Max Out Cardio is an excellent Cardio Challenge. Here, you will be taken through kick-ins and outs, plank side punches, sprint jacks, pike up oblique knee series done in very quick circuits to challenge the upper and lower body.
  • Max Out Sweat has many plyometric moves in the lunge, squat and plank position. It also has hit the floor tuck jump move, burpee floor punch, deep fly in and out abs, free runner moving pushups, 360 hop squat and burnout with power jump dives and pushup and floor sprints.
  • Max Out Power involves the lot of squats, lunges, pushups and abs work. It also includes slow pulses to engage the muscles and is more challenging when compared to Tabata Power.
  • Max Out Strength, where the arms, chest, shoulders, and core will be toast after doing this body focused workout. It deals upper-body-focused “45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, Tabata style routine.
  • Friday Fight: Round 2 where every workout under this schedule challenges both the mind and body. You will get two extra workouts included- Pulse and Abs attack: 10. The first is more of a stretch and recovery routine, whereas the second is targeting the abs, making you change between a C-sit position and a plan position repeatedly.


Max Out Guide is your instruction guide for implementing the core principle of Shaun T’s Max 30 program helping you push yourself to the maximum every day as you go about the exercises. The guide measures your previous progress and aiming to beat it with each subsequent workout. It is very beneficial and useful tool for overcoming your mental obstacles. Shaun T recommends you hit each workout by is 30 seconds.

Nutrition to the MAX

It is an approach on how you should observe your traditional dietary habits. It is to give individuals more control over the portions they have in their foods helping them cut back on the main harmful ingredients like bad fats, sugars, and salt.

Insanity Max Calendar

It is a wall calendar with a list of all the workouts individuals should go through for the entire 60-days period. The creator of Insanity Max 30 recommends users to mark the days as they work towards completing them.

Abs Maximizer Calendar

Virtually the same thing as the Insanity Max Calendar, except it complements the Abs Maximizer workouts for the 60 days.

No Time to Cook Guide

It is a neat addition to the Base Kit and one referred to on the consistent basis. It aims at giving users a game plan for making better choices when dining out. It does have some very useful tips to keep users in check and not falling off the nutritional wagon.

Insanity Max 30 Price, Ordering, and Distribution

Insanity Max 30 Beachbody website. The Bas Kit goes for USD 119.85 plus USD 19.95 for shipping. This kit has the following;

  • A 3-month payment plan option: USD/month for 3 months.
  • Free Upgrade to Express Delivery (3-5 Business Days).
  • A 60-day money back guarantee.
  • 24/7 online support from Beachbody coaches and peers, access to the forum.
  • A-Max out T-shirt- Once you finish the program and send them a picture.

There are other online retailers like offering the same kit for USD with Free Standard Shipping.


  • Convenience- 30 minutes for five days is enough to make you earn a leaner body in two months.
  • Challenging- You have to complete a workout back to back.
  • No equipment needed so forget about bulking up.
  • Modifications for each move.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • It is not suitable for those prone to injuries and knocks.

Results and Reviews

How efficient is Insanity Max 30

The primary goal of Insanity Max 30 is not necessarily to shed unwanted pounds, but to burn fat into muscle and sculpt the body. Weight, in the form of excess fat, is turned to muscles, and that is how muscle outweighs fat.

Your body becomes trimmer and sculpted and yet your weight may show you have an additional few pounds. When you look at yourself after the Insanity Max 30, you will see a sculpted and athletic looking person and the muffin tops, love handles and rolls will have disappeared.

However, muscle is the healthy weight, so you need not panic when you see the scale go higher. You will also feel an increase in energy levels that had been missing. Additional benefits include;

  • Dramatic improvement in muscle definition.
  • A lot of sweat and pain.

For Better Results

  • Always prepare for a workout. A towel, pair of sneakers, water bottle, pen, and paper close nearby.
  • Approach the exercise with an attitude that you are having fun and testing your limits for 30 minutes.
  • Whenever you think about stopping and taking a break, know this- just two more reps, nothing more, just two. It makes a tremendous difference regarding your progress.
  • Have a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat clean and eat in smaller portions throughout the day observing principles of healthy eating.

Verified Reviews


  • Great Workout and Diet- This customer cited to have saved some cash, actually USD 40 by shopping via thanks to the discounts he got. He says this workout is for those who do not want other leg works. There is also great 60-day program, especially if you are short on time, pushing your cardio and the Maxing Out. The first month felt more like the continuation of T25 and the second month starts to feel like Insanity.
  • From intimidation to motivation- This customer was extremely pleased with the modifications in the workout. It is hard, but it is able if you want it. He also noticed significant changes in the body. He recommends this program to anyone serious about making changes in their life. The nutrition program is also very easy to follow.
  • Worth full price if you are new- The client claims to do well with this workout especially with the lunges and squats get every time. However, the recipes and information that comes in the nutrition guides are bit overwhelming to a new person, but the portion controls help on the day-to-day basis.
  • Life changer if you are not a sports person- Many customers have cited that this workout has changed his life forever.


Interestingly, the only complain about this compound was poor packaging, by one online retailer. The client claimed that only two things missed in the box and the box came broken.


Max 30 is worth your time and money. It will drain every ounce of fat tissue you have stored on your body, define your muscles, make you leaner, and give you a performance machine. However, be prepared, as it will hurt like hell, make you sweat buckets, scream and toughen you mentally. All in 30 minutes a day, for two months.

You will get everything in the Insanity Max 30 Base kit, plus three additional workouts for insanely shredded abs. You will also get Shaun T’s private Abs Maximizer plan, an essential Core Comfort Mat to provide support while you carve out every inch of your six-pack and unique portion-control tools to help simplify eating so you can get the body you want, no matter what your goals are.


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