Les Mills Combat – Workout Program And Schedule

Les Mills Combat is a workout program that has gained popularity over years. The workout plan was developed by Rach Newsham and Dan Cohen, two mixed material arts gurus. Les Mills Combat is part of the Beachbody LLC products, and thus the clients are assured of its effectiveness and high quality.

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What Is Les Mills Combat Made Of?

Les Mills Combat is an intense cardio program based on mixed material arts and principles. In this bit, you are required to kick, strike, jump, run and punch to achieve your fitness goals. The main principle of Les mills combat workout is that it combines signature moves of mixed material arts subjects. The components may include; Karate/Kung FU, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing.

The above are combined into one truly unique workout program which is capable of burning 1000 calories per hour. The inventors of the program also employed fast twitch integration training system where they integrated the dynamic moves which work your fast twitch muscle fiber muscles that are capable of change. This guarantees you of the lean and chiseled body you always dreamt of if you train for the sixty days following all the requirements and their schedule. While one is starting the workout program, there are some provisions that are considered appropriate. These may include;

Les Mills Combat base; the base gives provisions for;

  • Les Mills Combat Basics; this includes the mastery of all the techniques and movements you will use throughout the Les Mills Combat workouts.
  • Les Kickstart; this is a pack of low complexity but high-intensity workout. This helps in introducing your Les mills combat workout moves to your routine.
  • Power kata; the workout combines speed and power. There is also a cross-training for complete calorie scorching.
  •  Extreme cardio fighter; this helps in challenging your endurance with a high-repetition sequence of moves that will have your muscles firing on all cylinders.
  •  Ultimate warrior’s workout; this cut across the upper body, the legs, and the butt. Core and cardio. The workout hits every muscle hard.
  • Power HIIT 1; this is a high-intensity interval training which uses short bursts of maximum effort followed by the recovery. This works towards pushing you into muscle-conditioning overload.
  • Shock plyo HIIT 2; the workout Uses propulsion exercises in improving the athletic power and endurance. This pushes you into peak performance mode. This helps you to stay with the fitness guide who offers tips and advice on how to do the Les Mills Combat the best way possible. There are also the provisions of the meals that will help you to accelerate your fitness.

Supreme Warrior

This provides all the elements found in the Base Les Mills Combat Kit and some other additional elements geared to help you maintain your weight.  The additions include;

Les Mills Combat training gloves; these engage more muscles in your arms. With that, you can punch harder, strike with more force and maximize your workout. The gloves help a great deal in building those strong and sexy muscles while incinerating calories.

Stay with the fight fitness guide; this guide will help you with the training tips. If you are in a position of following the sixty-day calendar you are going to have an extreme body transformation and maximum results.

Eat right for the fight nutrition guide; this is a well-detailed eating plan that kicks off your body’s ability to start burning through the fats. The blood sugar is kept constant and helps in reducing the appetite.

Tape measure and measurement tracker; this helps in tracking your progress and watch the progress as your body takes a warrior shape within the sixty- days.

Ultimate Warrior

This is inclusive of the two phases. The much that you can do here is to work out your upper body, the legs, and the butt. The workout also cuts across the core and the cardio. The workout helps in working your muscles very hard.

Who Is Les Mills Combat Made For?

This workout program has gained a lot of popularity because of its effectiveness. The program does not have any age or gender limit. If somebody has a medical condition, it is always good to consult a medical specialist before stepping into the workout classes. If you are expectant, you should seek advice from the nurse or a specialist. If you are advised that it will be convenient for you, then you can get a specialist and an instructor to help you in the workout so as to ensure you don’t endanger the pregnancy. The schedule is an easy one to follow, and this makes it easy for anybody to enroll in the program. There is also a stay with a fitness guide, and this makes it possible to work out anywhere. The workout is suitable for people with different fitness levels as people workout at their pace.

Les Mills Combat Pros and Cons

Products have both the positive and negative impacts on the individuals who use them. These effects are as a result of the components used in the making of the product and also largely because of the fact that most individuals react differently to different products. Les Mills Combat is not an exceptional as it is a product like any other and has some pros and cons. While considering Les Mills Combat as your ultimate solution to the nasty and disturbing overweight and excessive cholesterol issues, it is very important to consider the following pros and cons.


  • Most of the clients have reported that they have had visible results after completing Les Mills Combat program. This has been very beneficial as they can shed the excessive fat, overall toning their bodies and increasing their overall energy.
  • The workout program is also suitable for people at different fitness levels because you can just workout for yourself. This serves both the starters and those that have been working out.
  • The program provides a basic DVD which is very helpful for one to learn the correct moves. This makes it easier for the client as you do not need the instructor. This saves you a lot of costs.
  • With Les Mills Combat program, you can exercise in the comfort of your home, and therefore you do not need to incur the expensive gym membership.
  • Les Mills Combat does not require a lot of equipment as one just needs the DVD and the rest you can improvise.
  • The program’s workouts are unique and are not too long. This is convenient for the clients who have a lot of weight as well as the starters. The workouts can also be accommodated in every day’s activities.
  • The workout program is much beneficial and incorporates a lot of things. It does not only help in weight loss but also gives the clients some self- defense mechanism. These mechanisms are very useful for general life and survival.
  •  The instructors are very friendly, encouraging and motivating without necessarily being intimidating. This is what every starter would be looking for. The starter might feel discouraged and humiliated if the instructors were not friendly. The weight loss process comes with a lot of pain and sometimes the muscles may not comply. Encouragement from the instructors will help a great deal in changing the attitude of the clients.
  • The workout background and music are just excellent and do not get tiring after the sessions.
  • The workout program has a lot of reviews, and this means it has met most clients’ expectations.
  • The kit comes with a lot of extras and free gifts.
  • The company provides a free 24/7 online support where you can always connect with the instructors, seek advice, encouragement, and direction.


  • Some people felt that the instructors talk too much and this may tamper with their co-ordination, therefore, making the program inefficient.
  • Too many people are featured in the workout DVD, and the client could be staring at the crowd.
  • The workout happens to be too speedy, and some clients find it had to follow up
  • Some people go for the convenience, and they may be so reluctant to put in work. This may not yield best results as in most cases weight loss does not go with convenience.
  • The diet that is proposed may be so restrictive
  • Some people may not access the workout program due to lack of the media.
  • If one is not accountable without necessarily being supervised, then this workout schedule may not work for them as it requires self-driven people.

Les Mills Combat prices

Just like most Beachbody LLC products, Les Mills Combat is always available on the official Beachbody website. The product can be paid in three months time. The price is exclusive of the shipping and handling fee which is Cheap.

You are also assured of the sixty days money back guarantee if you are not impressed with the product. In such a case you are required to return the product within the sixty days and get a full refund, minus the shipping and the handling fee. The product can also be purchased from Amazon, Walmart, and some other online fitness shops.

Les Mills Combat Review and results

There is a need to look at the product regarding how genuine it may be in fulfilling the functions attributed to it. You can even look at the product and compare it with its competitors as this is the only way to figure out how unique the program is. Different customers have given their views concerning the product some of which are genuine while others are not.

There are many positive reviews. This could be the reason why the program has never lost its popularity despite being used for long. Some customers note that the kit offered has a lot in it, and some are extras. There is also the 24/7 online support where clients are given directions. With the DVD, the client can easily follow the program and yield excellent results.

Some clients have called the workout program a martial art dance and they find it really interesting and helpful as they are able of getting the self-defense training and some smooth rhythmic movements as well as very upbeat dances.

The workout program has also gained a lot of popularity as it can burn over seven hundred calories per class and for being the first programs to incorporate real martial arts movement something that most of the clients have found very interesting.

Some clients also noted that the exercises were completed very fast and that there were so many people included in the DVD, and this may make it hard for the clients to coordinate. This requires you to spend a lot of time watching the video so as to memorize where the transitions occur and keep up with the video. For the high number of people included, the client needs to be so disciplined so as to ensure that they follow the instructions and not staring at the crowds.

In summary, it is very important for you to weigh if this is the kind of workout plan what would work for you. The plan also needs you to be more disciplined as you are only competing with yourself in as much as you are still being guided by the instructor. If you are in moderate shape and do not have issues with the back or the joints, the workout is suitable for you. This also requires you to expect more than just weight loss as it may disappoint. Instead of thinking of weight loss, focus more on the conditioning, strength and muscle building. All you should realize is that combat focuses so much on getting results as quickly and as efficient as possible. It does not have any limits cutting across the fitness levels and are easily incorporated into your schedule.





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