P90 – Workout Program And Schedule

For those who have kept away from the gym for years or are seeking to start working out soon, P90 workout program should be a to go to friend. This is because the exercises in this program are simplified, coming as a perfect mix of sound, best workouts and solid fitness science. It was unveiled recently, by Beachbody who are setting new trends in the fitness industry thanks to their P90 series.

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While P90X and P90X3 are extreme exercises, fitting individuals wishing to be ripped and fit in a short time, P90 has taken out the X, for extreme out of the exercises. It allows people who have not worked for a long time or those recovering from injuries to perform less intense exercises in the program. If you also want to stay fit without going through gruesome exercises and workouts, P90 program got your back.

According to the official Beach Body’s official website, this program that is to shake up the fitness world, “It delivers results in 90 days, and taking in consideration its intensity you can continue with it as long as you want to stay in great shape. Easy and fun to do, featuring Tony Horton’s charming and magnetically appealing personality, this program is something you will want to do daily for years and years ahead.”

It is not an ambitious workout program but an intermediate workout schedule to help anyone with the intention to hit the gym soon thanks to its simplicity. However, fitness veterans who have had years of experience in working out will find the program to lack the challenge and diversity needed to promote additional muscle growth and fat loss.

About the Creator

Tony Horton and the Beachbody team have hit the sweet spot with the P90 program. Together, they released P90 on September 23, 2014.  The P90 program is the perfect workout routine for individuals who are severely out of shape and are intimidated with the idea of going to the gym or attempting extreme workout programs such as P90X and P90X3.

What P90 Entails

10 Workouts on 4 DVDs

The core P90 workout is a 90-day program broken down into three phases A, B, and C. Each stage is tailored to fit the body naturally. Each phase contains a resistance workout, cardio workout, and abs core workout, all streamlined to target total body fitness.

Stage A- It is where the beginner starts the P90 exercises. You are introduced to the program, with videos on how to properly position yourself before beginning the cardio. Look forward to compound exercises such as push-ups, squat variations and whole body workouts. These exercises need to be worked out in 5 days a week. The sequence of workouts are arranged in two different ways:

  • Sculpt A- It is a simple muscle building routine. It includes rows, curls, squats and presses. It takes 27 minutes.
  • Sweat A- It is a simple fat burning routine taking on 25 minutes to get through them. It takes 3 days of cardio workouts and 2 days of resistance workouts.
  • Abs Ripper A- Each move in this workout has only ten reps. The moves feel old school but turn out to be very effective in getting your abs into place. It only takes 8 minutes to get through the Abs Ripper.

Stage B- This phase increases the intensity of the exercises in Stage A. This means that you will be dying to change things a bit for your own sanity.

  • Sweat B- It is a bit complex exercises as it involves some kicks thrown in. It is superior to Cardio X. Time; 32 minutes.
  • Sculpt B- This works on the total body concept, where rush-up, rows, curls, kickbacks and presses are thrown in. It involves a deeper range of motion, with a bit of plyo thrown in to spice up the legwork. Time; 30 minutes.
  • Abs Ripper B- There are advanced moves in this exercise. The exercise re more intense with more abdominal workouts. Time; 14 minutes.

Stage C- This is meant to completes the transformation; making it a superefficient, high-velocity sweat-fest will help you complete the body transformation in the end.

  • Sculpt C- Defines your body and puts results into overdrive.
  • Sweat C- Helps to burn fat and tests endurance like never before.
  • Abs Ripper C- Puts the final touches on your lean, sexy six-pack.

Bonus Workout- It is an optional Saturday workout extending the 5-day program into a 6-day program. It consists of a total body, cardio-heavy workout designed to burn extra calories. Time; 25 minutes.

The P90 program is customized to make it easy for beginners. Additionally, each video has a cast member designated to performing all modified exercises eliminating any when going about any modified exercise.

Pro-Grade Resistance Band

It is a Beachbody-branded 15 pounds resistance band, for use with the workout programs. Many of the workouts in the program will require users to have the resistance band with them, at various routines and times. This included band is a nice add-on for true fitness beginners. It should be sufficient for most exercises for the first couple of months.

However, at some point, you may be required to us an additional resistance band, making you invest in one with a higher resistance. Beachbody offers its own line of resistance bands. Other online retailers such as Amazon.com, offer Black Mountain Resistant Band. It comes with five bands, a door anchor, ankle strap, carrying case, and clip handles for under USD 30.

Kitchen Nutrition Guide

The Easy Kitchen Nutrition Guide gives users a detailed meal plan, eliminating the many calories in meals.  It is a way Beach Body simplifies nutrition while still being effective and offer the utmost nutrients to the body.

In it, is a variety of snacks, with less than 150 calories. Additionally, there are other decent food ideas never heard before. A complete nutritional information and step-by-step instructions for meal preparation. Nevertheless, be prepared to come across foods that may not be of your liking, which means you will most likely modify the plan during the 90 days.

4-Step Power Plan

This is a basic overview of what you should do before, during and after using the P90 workout in order to ensure you get the most out of the program. The basic process includes:

  • Set your goals.
  • Choose your sequence arrangement.
  • Read the nutrition guide.
  • What to do at the end of your 90 days

“How to Hit It” Tutorial

It is an introduction DVD, covering a few genuinely helpful tips and nutrition basics. It also promotes a selection of other various Beachbody products.

6-Day Shred

This is P90’s answer to jump starting the user’s weight loss. It has a detailed grocery list and meal plan for the first six days of your 90-day program.

90-Day Workout Calendar

This is workout calendar for sculpt and sweat sequences. Each workout is listed on the calendar for quick and easy reference. It is an effective way to keep yourself motivated as you progress.

P90 Package Price, Ordering and Distribution

The new P90 workout is cheap especially when purchased from the official website, Beachbody.com. It offers the product for USD. Buyers can pay in three monthly installments of USD. This is the best fitness option that money can buy.

Online resellers like Amazon.com are selling this product for USD, including shipping. For a difference of few dollars, you better go with the official site and get all the benefits that go along with it, such as payment via three monthly fees, online support and a 90 days money back guarantee.


  • Exercise at the comfort of your own home.
  • Short, less intense and still effective fitness routine.
  • Modifications to every move for any type of body.
  • Perfect blend of cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and agility improving exercises.
  • A calendar to track your journey.
  • Motivation from Tony Horton, the best fitness coach and motivator.


  • Not a lot of gains when it comes to muscle mass.
  • Not compatible with lazy people as you will break sweat to get results.
  • May need to invest in additional workout equipment.

Results and Reviews

Surpassed Expectations

To begin with, 95 percent of the exercises in P90 workouts are simple to follow and easy to understand. With this program, there is no need to rewind the videos to make sure you are doing the moves right.

Additionally, many customers lost around 20-40 plus pounds as total beginners. Aftwrwards, they put on some weight, but this was a fair amount of muscle mass when closely examined. There was a greater muscle definition for those who trained at lower intensity.

Most customers became faster, more agile, stronger, more flexible and had improved their balance. They also invested themselves more from their boundaries of your comfort zone.

Others also recommended that one start by performing the workouts in low intensities or start with the modifications as they close in to full intensity. After completing the program, they had an improved overall health; slept better, improved immune system and a dramatic mood improvement. For some, it was fun to work with the P90 program.

How to get the Most out of P90 Workout Schedule

Firstly, do not attempt to switch in between the phases. For example, do not switch Phase A workouts with Phase B or C. This is because the workouts follow the sectional progression method, made by Tony. This give your muscles time to adapt accordingly, hence give excellent results in the end.

Secondly, ensure that you exercise in a well-ventilated room. Despite the workouts, being less intense especially in Phase A, you will need a well-ventilated room with an average or slightly cooler temperature, to cool the body at certain intervals. This way, you will stop incidences such as fainting as you do more intense workouts.

Lastly, invest yourself. If you are thinking whether you are doing your best, you are not doing your best. It is only after you lose yourself to P90 workout schedule is then that you release you have been doing your personal best.

Verified Purchase Reviews


Love the Program! – This customer cited that the P90 program was perfect for those who intended to lose weight and be toned. However, the results do not come overnight but by day 90, you will be impressed with the results

Easy Exercises- Had tried the P90X, but could not hang on with the long and extreme workout. P90 is perfect for me and is in reasonably good shape. The exercises are simple and easy to follow.

Great for Getting Back in Shape- This customer loved the approach of starting with the first video for 30 days and gradually progressing every 30 days. For those with health conditions such as bad knees this program is modifiable. Comes with calendar, small menu book with good ideas for food choices and workout rope.


Dangerous Resistance Band- The resistance band that came with this kit is quite poorly constructed. One handle came loose during an exercise when strapped to a door hinge as directed. Many of the toning exercises call for the use of the included resistance band.

Some Routines Move So Awkwardly across the Phases- As for the cardio part of the program, the routines move so awkwardly from move to move. There was lots of wait time, as you stop and watch them demonstrate the move, then practice, then do it.


P90 is customizable depending on what your overall goal is. You can tailor your workout to suit your goals and each exercise even has a modifier. There are also have three different training phases. Phases A, B and C offering different goals.

Moving up the phases is more challenging; you may take time going past Phase A if you are a fitness newbie. The whole concept of using phases is to push you through the adaptive phase and into the mastery phase at the right pace that matches your fitness levels. The Abs ripper workouts, lasting between 8-15 minutes targets fat loss around your abdomen while toning your core.

The diet plan excellent nutritional guideline for someone who does not want to count calories. Overall, the P90 program is a fantastic for the fitness beginner to supercharge his or her fitness goals.










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