P90x3 – Workout Program And Schedule

Squeezing some time for a workout is the best way to lead a healthy life. It ensures that you have enough time to kick out the stress in your mind while also refreshing the body hence improve circulation in the body system. Nevertheless, having the correct workout program goes a long way into ensuring that the achievement of the fore mentioned goals is easy.

P90X3 is the latest fat burning workout schedule in the P90X series of exercises, released on December 10, 2013, after taking over one year in creation. According to Beachbody.com, the official website for this workout, “X3 is a total breakthrough. It is not a sequel to P90X (or anything else). It is an all-new program of super-efficient workouts, each one packed with 30 minutes of real intensity.”

It means that X3 is designed to help people of all ages to get their best shape of their lives. However, it is not intended for those who enjoy fast-paced exercises as it contains some coordinated activities, using the shortest time possible.

P90X3, recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced users as it contains t hype of movement for each workout experience. There is the second exercise program and ultra-extreme P90X3, with all of them taking only 30 minutes. It means that P90X3 will handle only take a little time off your busy schedule when it comes to working out.

The P90X3 schedule has workouts every day of the week for 90 days. However, the Sunday routine is a stretching routine, often very effective at getting your body back on track for the upcoming week.  The workout is broken up in three different months with the easier month, in the beginning, working up to more advanced moves and routines by month three.  The good thing about P90X3 is that the types of workouts vary from Cardio, Yoga, Strength Training, Plyometric, and Stretching.  The workout also includes a calendar and a nutrition guide.

About the Maker

Tony Horton, a well-known and respected fitness trainer and Beachbody designed P90X3. He has dedicated his life to helping different people in the world achieve their fitness goals, inspiring them to observe good dietary habits, train more efficiently and harder.

Horton claims to have used a lot of expert knowledge and experience when creating this system and that becomes visible as participants work their way through it. He has also designed some workout schedules, for example, Home Workout, P90X, 10-Minute Trainer, P90X2 and the newly released P90X3 schedule.

Exercises Included in P90X3

P90X3 is composed of 16 exercises, each being the best training of its kind. They are broken down into four core areas. Resistance, Power, Cardio and Core Flex and Balance.

P90X3 Resistance

  • Total Synergistic.
  • The Challenge.
  • The Warrior.
  • Eccentric Upper.
  • Eccentric Lower.

P90X3 Power

  • Agility X.
  • Triometrics
  • Decelerator

P90X3 Cardio

  • CVX
  • MMX
  • Accelerator

P90X3 Core, Flex, and Balance.

  • X3 Yoga.
  • Pilates X.
  • Isometrix
  • Dynamix

The Warrior Workout

It is an incredible workout, created by Tony Horton when training US Soldiers on Military bases around the world. The Warrior Workout has three rounds in 30 minutes. You use the power stands, to add some extra difficulty to the workout.

There is the upper body exercise, an interval exercise, a core exercise, and an explosive lower body exercise.  Susan, the modifier for the workout is introduced, Joel the baseline and Mark, the expert.

You get 4 minutes of warm-up and do the following; Plank Sphinx Push-ups, Speed Skater, Downward dog crunches, Side lunge jump shot, Elevator Push-ups, Double Uppercut, Sprawls, Roller Boat among others.

Mixed Martial Arts Extreme Workout

It is an insane version of a Kenpo X, a 60-minute workout that took a long time to complete the exercise. MMX has activities that give you much more range of motion; more moves like elbows where you must twist and come all around. Other P90X3 Workouts

Schedules in the P90X3

There are different programs to choose from in P90X3. They include;

Classic Schedule

The exemplary table offers total fitness making it the program of choice under X3. It balances the traditional cardio and resistance, combined with standard muscle confusing to reward in the P90X system. It helps you gain muscle, lose fat and move better. It is best suited for beginners as it takes the entire 90 days of fitness at a measured pace, increasing your intensity as you build strength and endurance.

For those without any particular fitness needs but to shed fat and start building muscle, the Classic schedule helps you cycle through strength, cardio, and conditioning. It only takes 30 minutes of your busy schedule.

Lean Schedule

The Lean rotation is for individuals who prefer to look more toned. It is not necessarily for weight loss and works well with Classic schedule. However, instead of working on muscular hypertrophy, it focusses on functionality, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness. It means that breaking a serious sweat is necessary.

It divided itself into three blocks, each of 4-5 weeks. Individuals using the lean schedule are sure of gaining some muscle, shed excess fat and become healthy, hence staying lean in the end. Participants need to dedicate and play their part in observing the Lean schedule to its end.

Mass Schedule

The mass schedule is for members wishing to bulk over being ripped. However, not all people have subscribed to this plan, as it requires more dedication compared to other schedules.

To begin with, you will have to eat a lot, since gaining muscle more calories. However, X3 comes with a nutrition guide where you will be calculating for gain in mass instead of the loss.

Moreover, you will have to give the resistance workouts some forethought. You want to stay in the muscle growth range doing as many strength sets as possible, usually 6-15 reps each set with the goal of maximizing time under tension.

These are a few of the options offered by the P90X3 fitness regimen. In just half an hour a day, you can take incredible strides towards building new

Doubles Schedule

Doubles is another niche rotation, intended for those interested in completing the 90 days of P90X3. It requires a proper base, as it can easily break you down beyond your ability to recover. It offers some additional cardio workouts hence achieve your weight loss goals in different phases. They are;

  • The first step- Replicates the regular exercise.
  • The second phase- Seeks to introduce one additional workout three days per week.
  • The third stage- Adds extra workouts four days per week.

Due to the toughness of this schedule, those rehabilitating an injury should avoid it. The maker also suggests that participants should also complete the P90X3 Classic schedule before ever attempting this program. With these warnings, Doubles schedule helps to accelerate both fitness gains and weight loss for participants who are looking to stay fit.

Elite Schedule

Elite plan mainly focuses on what is complex training. Complex training is an intense style of training, centered on PAP (post-activation potentiation), extracted from P90X2. PAP is a great tool for increasing athletic performance.

Participants should only add Elite rotations after completing of the P90X3 schedules except for Mass schedule. It is because a solid fitness foundation is a prerequisite to being able to get the most out of PAP training.

P90X3 Price, Ordering, and Distribution

Buying a copy of P90X3 is easy as there are different ways to order the program. However, each program has its bonus and promotion, depending on the season bought.

The good

  • X3 workouts are the best approach to strength, cardio, balance and core fitness exercises.
  • The workouts never age, as they are usable even after the 90-day program.
  • The maker teaches and focuses on the overall fitness of the participant.
  • Every move has variations from Beginner to Expert mode.

The bad

  • Not recommended for individuals with no prior experience working on their own.
  • Some workout schedules are tight even for the experienced.
  • Expensive exercise program.

Results and Reviews


The effectiveness of this workout program is dependent on your fitness goals in the first place. However, some studies on P90X3 show that the most dramatic transformation, starts immediately after the first 30 minutes of your workout, thanks to Muscle Integration exercises in it.

In a recent test by Beach Body, there were fascinating results. The group participants lost over a third of their body fat in just under 30 minutes into the program. The cardio component of P90X3, which is vigorous as it is challenging enough to spike your metabolism.

Additionally, while going through the workouts, you will have the opportunity to catch your breath as the body quickly enters the ideal fat burning mode and remain there for the duration of the workout thanks to the “after-burn effect.”

Nutrition Guide

It is a simplified approach to eating. Participants can customize it to adapt their fitness goals. It is designed to help your body get proper nutrients and minerals while guaranteeing you of healthy energy levels in the end.


Most customers cited the need for participants to have enough room for storage of the material used for the workouts. Additionally, they will need to have free dumbbells, a yoga mat and pull up bar or hand to help them go through the chin-ups and pull-ups in the end.

Verified Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • Many customers said they were surprised to lose about 10 pounds in 30 days using this program. For example, a kidney transplant patient lost 20 pounds and felt 20 years younger after trying the P90X3 program.
  • Most men and women love the P90X3 diet program as it easily fits into their busy schedule.
  • One customer cited that it was the best strength and cardio workout he had ever seen performed in thirty minutes. A P90X3 review will explain that without the work, results do not come.
  • The workouts are 30 minutes with interesting moves. The tempo is also fast leaving you sweating like no other. P90X3 is just 3% of your day; assuring participants that it will not get in the way of the things, they love doing

Negative Reviews

  • Despite being a good workout program, it is not suitable for moderately fit participant looking for someone who is very fit and only intends to use this as a backup option when not in the gym. It is also not for someone who slacked off for a while and is looking for something to re-spark his or her interest in working out.
  • A customer complained of the many balancing exercises in the program. Too many activities while standing on one leg opinion was too hard on the knees and back. The client felt that too many exercises in X3 revolved around better balance.


X3 workout is one of the world’s toughest fitness program you will come across. It is not for those participants who are after simple exercises. For a solid 30 minute per day workout, oarne is sure of rapid weight loss, body strengthening, and muscle mass building. P90X3 works and is simple to follow, and that is why it is the recommended option by some fitness coaches. It is a challenging program and works best for those looking for achievable workouts that will change their body under 90 days of use.







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