Turbo Fire – Workout Program And Schedule

When it comes to looking for a fitness program, it is advisable to find one that will comfortably fit your fitness goals. Among the goals is burning of excess body fat hence lose weight in the end. TurboFire workout program is not an exception to this. It is an intense 90-day cardio conditioning program, designed to get you leaner with the simple exercise that burns excess fat and calories up to 9 times faster than doing regular cardio.

Turbo Fire Review

It is an easy workout program. It is a cardio workout centered on HIIT training intervals, to get much of the calories and fat burnt in the shortest time possible. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. According to TurboFire creators, HIIT training can help you burn up to 10 times fat than a typical cardio workout in the gym. This type of training involves high intensity, minute long intervals of cardio followed by a one minute rest period.

During your training, your heart rate goes up and down throughout the workout while performing plyometric among other moves to get fat and calories burnt. To help the beginners to get up to speed, TurboFire has two low impact but intense exercises. As one gets used to it, you will be able to move through the high-intensity exercises with the help of more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes.

About the Creator

Chalene Johnson launched Turbo Fire in 2010. She is a renowned fitness coach, dancer, and author of fitness and physical training. She is passionate about fitness and the overall health of individuals as demonstrated in the TurboFire videos, showing you the right moves to make during the workouts. Before the release of TurboFire, she had already launched other successful exercise programs such as;

  • Turbo Jam.
  • Turbo Kick.
  • PiYo.
  • Hip Hop Hustle.

Understanding The Schedule

Turbo Fire workout has three phases. Each stage takes approximately a month long to complete. As you progress, each step increases in intensity.

  • The first step- It eases you into the Turbo Fire workout. It is the easiest step.
  • The second phase- It mainly focuses more on strength exercises. It gets you stronger and ready for the third step.
  • The final step- It is a combination of the intense HIIT cardio workouts with strength training to finish the program.

As shown on the official Beachbody website, TurboFire comes with the following;

12 Amazing Workouts on 5 DVDs

Fire Starter Class- It eases you into TurboFire workouts, that you are about to perform during the HIIT workouts. Here, Chalene breaks down each move, playing it at a slower rate, clearly showing how them even when exercises speed up.

HIIT 15- It is the shortest HIIT workout, taking only 15 minutes. It gets easier with time as you progress through the program. You will go through the one-minute HIIT intervals repeatedly throughout this workout.

HIIT 20- Also referred to as Fire Drills by Chalene, HIIT 20 comes with seven range segments. You will break sweat almost immediately and takes 20 minutes to complete this workout. It is a good cardio workout.

HIIT 25- It is a tough workout, with some individuals opting to increase the intensity by using weighted gloves. The weighted gloves, purchased separately, improve your chances of having a good workout hence succeed with the program. However, the HIIT 25 workout is challenging enough without the need for additional resistance and takes only 25 minutes.

Fire 30- It is a 30 minutes long workout, filled with fun, upbeat music to help get you through the half hour sweat session.

Fire 45- This workout is one of the toughest exercises, taking 45 minutes. It includes plenty of Fire Drills, to increase your heart rate. The music is great, with songs that are upbeat and current for pop music lovers.

Fire 45 EZ- This is 45 minutes long straight cardio workout. It has no rest periods but only rests once it is over.

Fire 55 EZ- It is one of the longest workouts, with interval segments and straight cardio portions. The music on this DVD includes the song “Push It” by the 1980s rap group Salt N Pepa.

Core 20- Core 20 workouts focus mostly on the abs muscles, entire core and lower back. It’s clustered with the Stretch 40 workout in the schedule that accompanies the Turbo Fire program.

Sculpt 30- Since you will be doing plenty of strength training, you will need a resistance band to complete Sculpt 30. It is done at a slow rate so as to isolate the muscles and feel the burn.

Tone 30- Here, you will doing more repetitions of each exercise at a slightly faster rate. Have your resistance band in place to complete this workout.

Stretch 10- It involves basic stretching moves incorporated throughout the series. It comes in handy when it comes to finishing your first workout.

2 Bonus Workouts

Stretch 40- Stretch 40 is geared towards yoga moves and is not as easy exercise. It helps you increase overall strength and help balance your core. Some moves here include the plank position, an effective workout for increasing core strength.

Abs 10 Class- The Abs 10 Class is approximately 10 minutes of abs work to help tone your abs muscles and strengthen your core.

Turbo Fire Class Schedule

It is a guide taking you what workouts to do on each day of the week. You will be working out six days a week resting on Wednesdays only. Adhere to the class schedule to get excellent results.

Quick Start Guide

The guide enables users to kick-start the program quickly giving clear-cut directions and tips. It also briefly explains how effective HIIT workouts are in burning fat and calories.

Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is key to dieting and losing weight. This nutritional guide gives quick, easy to make recipes helping you change your eating habits, setting you on the right path to a new, healthy lifestyle. It also has shopping lists to help you choose healthy snacks throughout the day. The guide keeps you properly fueled to endure the intense cardio workouts taking six days per week.

TurboFire Price, Ordering, and Distribution

Turbo Fire is available on the official Beachbody website. The site offers two payments options, a two monthly payments or the single payment. Additionally, potential buyers will add a small fee for shipping and handling.

Beachbody offers the 90-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not impressed with the product, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund but with no shipping and handling fees.

There is also an on-demand Beachbody live streaming service, for a low fee per week and it includes over 1000 of other workouts. Upon completion of the TurboFire program, you get a free T-shirt after submitting your “Before and After” pictures.

TurboFire is also available for sale on online retailer sites like Amazon.com. Several upgrades are now available for the Turbo Fire total body fitness program. They include;

  • Turbo Fire Advanced- It is a challenging workout series for those who have completed the original Turbo Fire program with five workouts spread across four DVDs, as well as a free Turbo Tracker fitness journal.
  • Turbo Fire Advanced Deluxe- Has the same five workouts as Turbo Fire Advanced but with weighted gloves and an exercise mat.
  • Turbo Fire Greatest HIITs- It includes one 20-minute workout with a series of High-Intensity Interval Training exercises, designed to help you burn fat and calories faster.
  • Turbo Fire: The Complete System- Comprises everything included in the original Turbo Fire program, Turbo Fire Advanced Deluxe, and Turbo Fire Greatest HIITs.


  • Modifiable workouts meant to fit different fitness level, weight and fitness background.
  • The interval training is effective in burning calories and fat unlike using a gym machine.
  • Little or no equipment utilized in the program.
  • You can easily squeeze this workout in busy schedules in since most are approximately 20-40 minutes long.
  • The nutritional guide helps you to begin eating healthy immediately.
  • Comprehensive workout as it includes cardio workouts, strength training, core exercises, abs work and even a stretching DVD.


  • The program is not for those seeking to look leaner through strength training and gain size.
  • Lacks enough intensity for those who are already fit.

Reviews and Results

Surpassed Results

Turbo Fire workout is for everyones, incorporating it into your everyday routine. Most customers have followed the program as shown in the schedule to get the results you need. Do the modified low impact version demonstrated at the beginning of each DVD if you are a beginner. It has enabled many customers to complete the workouts with no problem. After finishing the series in the modified version, many customers repeated the program, but this time in full speed and saw better results.

Additionally, those after gaining size and adding muscle, Turbo Fire need to be used on a routine basis to get the results you want. Incorporate cardio workouts into your fitness regime as it is an excellent way to get your cardio.

The program is highly effective, despite being extremely challenging in itself. The diversity of the included workouts makes the program far more bearable. The music is upbeat and conducive to the workouts. Let us not forget the instructor, Chalene Johnson’s motivational, energetic and articulate explanations during the exercises.

While some individuals choose only to utilize the Turbo Fire DVDs, those performing the workouts, combined with the fitness and nutrition guide typically see the best overall results. As you master the program, you can use resistance bands to increase the effectiveness of the program.

Program Length/Frequency

The Turbo Fire fitness program takes roughly 90 days to complete. The program is intense, requiring you to workout six days per week. Scheduled days of rest usually fall on Wednesday, though you can easily shift the rest days around to fit your current schedule.

Program Frequency

The workouts, classified according to a Class Schedule, come in one package. Complete two exercises each day for a total of between 30-60 minutes of exercise. A simple week of Turbo Fire looks as follows:

  • Monday: Fire 45 Class + Stretch 10 Class.
  • Tuesday: HIIT 20 Class + Stretch 10 Class.
  • Wednesday: Rest.
  • Thursday: HIIT 15 Class + Sculpt 30 Class.
  • Friday: Fire 55 EZ Class.
  • Saturday: Core 20 Class + Stretch 40 Class.
  • Sunday: Fire 45 Class + Stretch 10 Class.

Equipment and Space Requirements

One of the biggest advantages of Turbo Fire is that it requires little equipment, with much of it coming with the package. A vast majority of the moves done on your feet, with only a yoga mat for stretching and sculpting workouts. Resistance bands, which heighten the intensity of your workout, are included.

You will need a TV and a media player capable of playing DVDs.

Verified Customer Reviews


  • Beyond Awesome- This client shed up to 23 pounds gained while she was pregnant less than two months. Shed suggests Turbo Fire for those that are looking to see their muscles and definition once again.
  • Great Music- She loves Turbo Fire thanks to the fun dance music and the upbeat feel of it in general. It seems to make working out more entertaining and less dreadful each day.
  • Turned Life Around- The client incorporated the HIIT 30 and FIRE 60 workouts to his weekly lifting schedule and witnessed incredible results in the last several months.


  • Not for the Already Fit Individuals- This client suggests one goes for a more intense workout other than TurboFire.


Turbo Fire reviews and results promise individuals of attaining their fitness goal of losing weight. It lasts for 90 days and is expertly paced and organized that most users find time passing quickly thanks to the upbeat music and high-energy, motivational instructions provided by host Chalene Johnson. However, if you want to lose weight and get a lean and toned body, you are better off going with a more intense workout program.







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