BioTrust Nutrition Review – Does This Supplement Work?

There are so many dietary products flooding in the market but all the customers want is a product that works for them as nobody wants to flush money into the toilet. This article will look at how effective BioTrust products are in terms of their fitness as far as the target group is concerned, their ingredients, the price, the pro and cons and the customer reviews.

Who Is BioTrust Nutrition Made For?

BioTrust as a company is founded for the benefits of clients of diverse ages, ethnicity, social status and gender. The products meet the needs of all the clients. Those who want to build their muscles, those who want to lose the calories as well as those who want to maintain their weight and even those who want an overall health care. the company even caters for the needs of those who may be new to this product  as they can view the details of this products from their official website.  Almost millions of people have benefited from the products as some have managed their weight as others have gained muscles. The company has even won the Body Transformation contest for the regular people and this has even made it gain its popularity. Since the founders have printed books on maximum fitness and men and women fitness, the company seems to be in the forefront of ensuring that all genders keep fit.

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What Is Included In BioTrust Nutrition?

Bio trust looks at the overall health and therefore when looking at its package we cannot avoid talking about most of its products and their ingredients. The products range from those helping in the fat loss, muscle building to those dealing with the overall health. Though the products ingredients may vary, gingko Biloba, green tea extract, fenugreek extract and B-vitamins. The following are the products and their ingredients;


This product helps a great deal in metabolism. The product also helps in trimming the hip and the waist fat thus increasing weight loss. The supplements dosage is one pill in the morning with breakfast and another pill in the evening with dinner. If the clients follow the diet faithfully, then they should be able to get the results with as little as two weeks, as the supplement works by igniting one’s metabolism making their bodies burn more and more fats. The key ingredients of this supplement include; Sigmalean Complex which is composed of Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana and BioPerine.


This supplement works towards raising the levels of most fat burning hormone knows as Leptin. This hormone is basically the strength behind every weight loss in the body. This is by the use of its natural ingredients which may include; the olive oil leaf extract, brown seaweed, African mango, Panax ginseng, green tea and yerba mate. The supplements’ dosage is two pills twice is a day and when clients faithfully take the dosage, they are in a position of yielding the perfect results.




This supplement works by increasing the insulin sensitivity so as to ensure a healthy blood sugar level. The key ingredients of this product may include; berberis aristata root bark extract, fenugreek extract, Cinnamomum cassia extract and the r-alpha lipoic acid.

Bio Trust Low Carb

This is a supplement that can be mixed with water, milk or other smoothies so as to increase the muscle building for bodybuilders and those training at the gym. This is a hormone free supplement, contains only 4 grams of carbs per serving, no artificial colors sweeteners or colors. The supplement is made from milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, and isolate, and ultra filtered micellar casein. This ingredient helps in appetite suppression, increasing the energy levels and improving lean muscle building.


This a gluten free supplement which has been made using natural ingredients .the main ingredients may include; Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus salivarius, Bacillus subtilis, Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii , and Actazin standardized kiwifruit powder. The products help a great deal in the reduction of bowel inflammation so as to ensure there is a regular bowel movement and thus a healthy digestive system.

Omega Krill 5X

This supplement is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids which is krill oil. It consists of omega 3 fatty acids as fish oil but the mercury and other toxins level are lower. By taking this, the customer improves their cardiovascular health, cognition, and neuroprotection, improves the overall energy and body healthy, and reduced risk of disease.

Belly trim XP

This is a supplement made of super fats which help in the burning of unwanted belly fats. The ingredients include conjugated linoleic acid, pomegranate seed oil, and BioPerine. When one faithfully consumes the four capsules, they are likely to have their waistline trimmed.

Biotrust protein cookies

This supplement is a pack of 12 grams of time-released proteins per serving. The cookies also have 6 grams of fiber. This product is gluten, soy proteins and Tran’s fats free. The product is also hormone free.



BioTrust Organic Protein Bars

This supplement is a large, ultra-convenient, and well-balanced meal that boasts an ideal blend of low-glycemic organic carbohydrates and a combination of healthy fats to compliment the 20 grams of organic protein found in each bar. The protein bars are free from GMO, soy proteins, Tran’s fats, and gluten. Each bar also contains 20 grams of organic protein and is certified organic.


This supplement plays a great role in the support better digestive and immune system health using a unique mixture of ingredients, including cayenne pepper, coral trace minerals, and ginger. Just a capsule helps in the absorption of the food nutrients.

BCAA Matrix

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) plays a key role in their building of muscle after a workout. The supplement consists of a total of nine BCAAs.

Bio Trust Nutrition Prices

While it comes to the pricing, BioTrust Nutrition gives the customers all the reasons to rely on their products. The company gives a one-year money back guarantee to the customers who fell that the products did not work as per their expectations. The products go with a lesser price when bought from the company’s website. Those that buy from the website also have an advantage as they are in a position of getting a free eBook that will help them in mixing the smoothies as well as using other recipes. Buying from the website also guarantees you a reasonable discount for a bulk order as the more bottles you buy the more the discount. The opposite is also true as if one is buying a single supplement, then they may fund BioTrust products relatively expensive. From BioTrust official website, all the diet pill type products are a bit more expensive while the cookies and protein bars range between are a bit cheaper. These prices are not inclusive of the shipping fee.

 Pros and Cons

Basically, all the products have their benefits and issues. These are the things that make the customers judge whether to use the products or to go for their competitors. BioTrust is not an exceptional while it comes to the pros and cons.


  • Bio Trust as a company stands out in the sense that they use the best formulators to come up with the ingredients and make up the supplements. Each of the formulas that they use in this supplement processing is tested and approved by the experts in the respective areas.
  • They always ensure that their products are effective something that is not common to most of its competitors.
  • The company uses natural and pure ingredients and therefore no unhealthy artificial preservatives and additives found in the products purity during the manufacturing process so as to ensure the products are effective and unique.
  • Literally, all their products have GMP stamp and this means that the company is GMP compliant in terms of the facilities, equipment, cleanliness, and maintenance as well as providing a consistent and quality product every time.
  • The company tests the products by the use of the third party so as to verify the quality of their products and always have consumers interests at heart and if they cannot use the products, then they won’t release it.
  • The company also gives a one-year money back guarantee and this is not a common thing especially with the nutritional product companies as this are consumables that are bound to giving different results from different people. The one-year money back guarantee is a clear indication that the company is sure of their products.
  • The company is also community centered in the sense that it has created a forum on their site where they not only market their products but the customers can be able to ask their questions on nutrition and other dietary issues.


Just as it is in other products, the product cannot have a hundred percent pros. In one way or another, there must be some issues. BioTrust nutrition also has its own issues;

  • Their products are relatively expensive compared to their competitors. This makes it hard for those who cannot afford to enjoy the products’ benefits.
  • The shipping process may not work out for everybody. This makes the customers lose their products or the products being delayed so much before reaching the customer yet there could have been some urgency.
  • Though the company guarantees a one-year money back guarantee, the impatient customers may end up being frustrated as it may take some time before the company gets to refund the money.
  • The company’s marketing strategy may be quite disturbing. This is because the company keeps on sending emails to the customers on their products and usage and therefore your email inbox may be filled with all these unnecessary

BioTrust Reviews and Results

In this review, we are going to look at the products in terms of what the customers say about it. These comments can either be positive or negative depending on how the product may have impacted on the customers.

Most of the customers value the company’s products since they are naturally made, they are gluten and soy free thus making them healthier. The products also do not have artificial additives, flavors preservatives and sweeteners thus maintaining their natural status. The company also gets the high rating for their one-year money guarantee as this builds up the customers confidence. Some of the customers are, however, negative about the products effectiveness as some of the products do not work by themselves therefore including exercises yet we know very clearly that not all customers can subscribe to the exercises. Those customers who have been using the products faithfully as prescribed have reported positive reports on maintaining and managing their weight.

Some customers also feel that the company’s representatives have really let them down. One noted that he had email BioTrust to cancel his order but after twelve hours, the company claimed that they could not cancel the order. Some of the customers have also complained about the shipping process, where their products get lost and they cannot get the refund from the company so they lose both ways.

One of the customers noted that he had suffered for quite a long time with the digestive system disorders and had tried out a lot of supplements and lived on a fixed income. A time came and he had to go for the product that would work for him regardless of the cost and that’s the time he found Pro-X10 and since then he has not experienced the same complications. He even acknowledges that he decided to recommend the same product to her sister since digestive problems seemed to run in the family.

In conclusion, it is virtually important for consumers to stop counting so much on how much they pay for the product and have a sense of value for their health as this is the only way to ensure that they use effective supplements and other nutrients as the counterfeit goods are readily available but will just mess up with their health.



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