Frugal Health: How to Save on Every Fitness Need

Amid a huge range of daily expenses on basic needs like food, clothing etc., fitness often ends up being just a luxury. And we end up killing our dream of attaining a healthy body to save a few hard-earned dollars. But, Wait! One day might not be enough to get fit, but it is certainly possible to save huge on fitness needs from today forward. Whether it is a gym membership, health supplements, or fitness equipment, showing you how to save on these aspects of health is the objective of this article.

Frugal Health: How to Save on Every Fitness Need

How to Save on Gym Memberships

  • Negotiate with the gym owner

Well, first you need to do some homework before you finally decide to approach any gym. And even after you choose a gym, make sure that you don’t sign up on your first visit. Whether it’s for a cheaper monthly rate, cutting down the initiation fee, or a shorter contract obligation, don’t afraid to negotiate. The more you ask for some adjustments, there is a better chance for you to save.

  • Keep an eye on gym promotions

If you are about to join the gym soon, wait for the correct time when you can save some money. The best time to get some lucrative discounts on gym memberships is on the month of January.

January is the time when most gyms try to attract the customers with enticing discounts, hoping to capitalize on New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes gym attendance increases by 30-50% during this part of the year. So, join a gym during the start of the year and you can save big.

  • Think realistically

If you think that you can continually go to the gym for the coming year and there won’t be any obstacle in the process, it’s better to go for a yearly membership. To sign up for a year rather than a month-to-month membership tends to be cheaper.

On the contrary, the shocking stats from reveals 67% of people usually miss going to the gym regularly. If you think that you might fall into this category, it’s better not to opt for a yearly membership. So, judge your situation practically and pay accordingly.

Frugal Health: How to Save on Every Fitness Need

How to Save on Exercise Equipment

  • Look for vouchers

Yes! Before you make a purchase, make sure that you’ve explored the websites like Dealslands, VoucherCloud, Retailmenot. They have a lot of deals and discount codes from premium fitness stores. You just have to act smart, grab a thrilling offer, and finally buy whatever you need.

  • Go for wearable tech

As has been a trend in the past, wearable tech is still an excellent option when it comes to saving on fitness. You can purchase fitness trackers for just $ 40 or less. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to go for a cheaper option, opt for wearable technology.

  • Explore the local fitness groups

As per the recent declaration from the website Meetup, people are involved in more than 13,000 fitness groups around the world. So, if you want to enjoy yourself while becoming fit, you can join a group like soccer or basketball. Instead of buying new fitness equipment for your gym at home, it’s better to join such a group. You will save like never before!

Frugal Health: How to Save on Every Fitness Need

How to Save at Specialty Studios

  • Opt for a ClassPass

When it comes to taking a class at any boutique studio which deals with yoga, boot camps etc., you need to spend at least $ 25 to $ 40 per visit. But, in such a situation, if you grab a ClassPass, it will let you enjoy the facilities at multiple studios on a monthly basis. You just have to spend a flat rate of $ 30 to $ 135 based on your location.

  • Look for packages

If you are a student or any military professional, you might get an intro package while joining a fitness studio. Most of the premium ones usually offer some lucrative discount options for these exclusive categories of people. You can even follow such studios on social media to grab the latest deals from their end.

So, this is how you can save while attaining your desirable six packs or slim waist. Isn’t it easy? You just have to act a bit smarter, and that’s it!