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The Australian Constitution

Is an ongoing disgrace, we of course not just talking about the lack of rights within our (so called) constitution.

National Constitution The womens Party

The reality of our Australian constitution is a document of agreement between the colonial states and overseen by a colonising British government to nationalise and keep in place all of the existing benefits of self-interest and self-service that we experience as a nation in our parliaments today.

Nowhere in our constitution actually spells out that our parliaments or public services run or administrate our country for and on behalf of the people of Australia.

It would seem that that our constitution itself serves vested interest, corruption and the pockets of the political party in power at the time.

OUR CONSTITUTION- Does not serve the Australian People individually or as a nation

The Women’s Party will, for and with the cooperation the First Nations People and the people of Australia stand up and demand that changes to our constitution be made that reflects the relationship between our governments and the peoples of our nation.

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