The Cruise Control Diet

When you want to lose weight and get in shape, starving is never the answer.  When you starve your body you negatively affect your metabolism, slowing it down, and cause the body to go into starvation mode. This starvation mode causes the body to grab on to whatever you DO eat and turn it into stored fat for the next time you starve it.


Sure you may drop pounds according to the scale, but you are not losing fat. You are losing water weight and if it goes on long enough, you will start to lose muscle.  Start eating again and you will find that you gain fat faster than ever and end up heavier than you were before you lost weight.


  • Easy to follow
  • Very flexible with any lifestyle
  • Can be followed for long periods of time easily
  • Allows occasional cheats


  • Offers nothing about exercise

The successful way to lose fat is to follow a program that burns calories and keeps your metabolism working properly to burn fat.

If you’ve been battling obesity or extra weight, chances are you have been let down by one or more of the tons of diet programs on the market.  Most fail to deliver and give you a false sense of what can be accomplished.  They also tend to give impractical guidelines of proper calorie intake.

The Cruise Control Diet, created by James Ward, uses your body’s natural strength to stay fit and healthy. Keep reading to learn about this easy to follow plan for getting into the shape you desire.

The Cruise Control Diet

Cruise Control Diet in a Nutshell

This diet program encourages a healthy intake of food each day.  It does not advocate starving at any point.  The basis of the diet leans toward maintaining your body’s fitness level and offers plenty of flexibility fitting in with your day to day lifestyle. Anyone can do this diet and be successful at it.

You won’t have to bother with meal plans or counting calories on the Cruise Control Diet.  The plan emphasizes that fat is not your enemy when taken in properly.  The focus of this diet is on following your own natural instincts when it comes to avoiding foods that are not good for you.


Who is James Ward?

The creator of the Cruise Control Diet, James Ward, does not have a history with nutrition nor does he have a flashy degree. Instead, James Ward was a man who was obese for years and decided to change his life.  He researched tirelessly to find the answers to his own weight issues and created the Cruise Control Diet.

In His own struggles with obesity, James came to realize that there were many other people in his situation.  His plan is the result of his own experiences as he discovered the core of the problem of being overweight and removed it at the root.  A lot of scientific research went into the Cruise Control Diet.

The foundation of this plan is structured around the results of the scientific data that he performed about how metabolism of the food we eat works.  There have been tens of thousands of dollars spent on research by experts, nutritionists, and researchers about what contributes to gaining weight.

During this research, James can to the conclusion that the majority of processed foods, the foods easiest to grab, cook, and purchase are filled with a large amount of sugar.  Fructose is used as a means of improving the taste of many foods so they become popular.  This excess sugar negatively affects the work that leptin and insulin, hormones found in the body, perform.

Because of this, you are more likely to gain weight as well as become prone to problems like type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases of all kinds. Research done by The American Journal of Health was published showing that as much as 35% of adults in America are obese and that number is growing rapidly every year.

Once people realize that obesity is just like any other curable disease and just needs to be cured, weight loss won’t be such a mystery or massive challenge fraught with frustration and discouragement. James Ward found this out in his own journey and was inspired to help others by creating the Cruise Control Diet.

The Cruise Control Diet

The Four Basic Principles of the Cruise Control Diet

As you get into the Cruise Control Diet you will see that James teaches you about the four basic principles of his plan.  This is not a meal plan, nor is it a chart. Live by these four principles and you will get results, it’s that simple.

  • Natural foods burn fat – Remember that starving is never necessary to lose weight when you are eating the right foods. There are five recommended foods in this program that are great natural fat burners that should be on your shopping and eating list. There are no charts and no meal plans to follow in this plan. Adhere to these four principles listed and you will be successful.
  • Cheating is okay …sometimes – The premise behind the Cruise Control Diet is that it is okay to break the rules once in a while and allow yourself to enjoy some of the guilty pleasures you have regarding food. This point alone makes this diet a favorite with many who try it due to the flexibility it provides.
  • Foods to Avoid – When trying to lose weight there are certain foods and types of foods that are best left alone. These include pre-processed foods, fast food, and junk food.  These types of foods trigger the body to gain weight and should be eliminated from the diet. You will learn more about these foods that should not be on your shopping list.
  • You know what to do – One of the unique aspects of the Cruise Control Diet is that it encourages you to choose your foods instinctively rather than just following your cravings. This approach re-activates the natural hunger mechanism that the body possesses that tells you how much to eat and what types of foods to eat.  If you trust these instincts rather than just reacting to food temptations, you will choose the best foods for your body’s needs.

Included in the Cruise Control Diet Package

There is much more to this program than just the core plan. Also included is everything you need to maintain the plan and be successful at losing the weight you want to lose.

  • Jumpstart Guide – This mini guide tells you all the dos and don’ts of the program and gives you all the information you need to complete this program successfully.
  • The Diet Plan – There are three stages to the Cruise Control Diet program.

1. Resetting the Metabolism stage – During this first stage the body is weaned off of sugar. You will notice that when this happens, the body’s hunger mechanism is restored.

2. The Cruise Control stage – This stage gets you ready to learn to fight the temptation of processed foods and make the right choices for your body.

3. Rapid Fat Burning stage – The third stage is a continuation of the second stage that will help you get rid of all your unwanted weight.

  • Cooking Guide – There are two parts to the cooking guide.

1. The weekly recipes – You will get 60 different healthy recipes consisting of food that will keep your taste buds alive without having to eliminate your favorite foods. There are also dozens more cooking recipes to add flavor and flair to your food palette.

2. The cookbook – The nitty gritty of the recipes mentioned in the weekly recipes section and how to make them

The Cruise Control Diet

The Cruise Control Diet Pros

  • This diet is super flexible and can be adapted to fit any lifestyle
  • No charts or calories counting makes this plan easy to follow
  • The occasional cheats make this diet easy to stick to

The Cruise Control Diet Cons

  • Does not include exercise – Despite the thoroughness that this diet has when it comes to a successful eating plan, it does not mention the importance of exercise in a weight loss program. There is no set workout plan that is mentioned in the diet which can be looked at as a con. This does not mean, however, that you can’t incorporate your own exercise routine to the plan. Most people know how to do at least a little exercise, even if it is just walking (one of the best and least stressful types of exercise and it requires NO equipment beyond walking shoes.)


Final Opinions

The minor mistake James Ward made by not including exercise does not come close to overshadowing all of the positives that this plan presents.  What makes the Cruise Control Diet stand out above the rest is that is helps you overcome the issues that caused you to become overweight while also helping you regain your health as well. The plan works, it is simple, and it is affordable.

You Can Try It With No Risk

James Ward stands behind the validity and successful Cruise Control Diet by offering a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.  There is nothing to lose but bad habits, extra weight, and ill health and everyone wants to lose those! This is a great diet for men and women of all ages.

Cruise Control Diet Review
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