The Fat Diminisher Diet

If you’re battling obesity or excess weight, chances are you have been trying to lose weight and improve your health in various ways for years.


It may surprise you to know how many people grew up in homes where eating healthy and making good food choices weren’t really a goal.  Parents having to work long hours, kids having to fend for themselves or the exhausted parents grab fast food which is easy and convenient on the way home.  The ingredients in the foods rarely were given a second thought.


  • Anyone can follow this diet
  • Affordable
  • Easy to follow
  • Immediate access 


  • Some people may not like that this diet encourages taking vitamins
  • Very limited follow up


This habits this kind of upbringing can form can take years to break but at some point you may be taking a serious look at these food habits and deciding that something needs to change.  If you want to live a long life and not add unnecessary health problems to your life, you need to change your eating patterns and get rid of this extra weight fast.

This goal is why you should pick up Wes Virgin’s Fat Diminiser program.  If you do a bit of research you’ll see that his program is getting favorable reviews.  There is a video on their site that you should watch.  Many people will find that the things this video talked about are similar to the battles you have had whenever you try to drop pounds and get healthier.

The video is a bit long and tends to repeat some points so we have brought you this informative summary that will include the information that is presented in the video plus much more.

How do You Know Fat Diminisher Will Work for You?

There are many diet programs on the market that are made specifically for men or specifically for women. Fat Diminisher is made for men and women or all ages. Even though everyone is different, there are core elements of the human body that apply regardless of your sex or age.

Weight loss should never be geared toward one type of gender, person, or age. The Universal nature of Fat Diminisher includes everyone; one of the reasons it is so popular.

As with any new diet program on the market, there are probably many questions that you have. This article will answer the most commonly asked questions as well as provide a run through of what you can expect from this program.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

Description of the Fat Diminisher

This all-inclusive weight loss program focuses on the goal of helping you attack your weight loss healthily so you can keep it off long term. 

What to Expect from Fat Diminisher

Studies have been done on Fat Diminisher along with interviews that were conducted with those who have tested this program.  The results showed that people could lose about 22 pounds, more or less depending on the person, during the 30 days of the program. After the 30 days, people continued to see continued progress as long as the program continued to be followed.  Some reports showed that there were people that lost as much as 40 pounds during that first month.

Using a tries and true program that is well-structured, it is realistic and possible to lose 40 pounds in 4 weeks.

Weight loss tends to be difficult because a lot of plans are not easy to follow and can be vague and confusing or way too complicated with lots of rules and restrictions.  Some people try to follow these plans without being 100% sure that they are following the right ones.  After not seeing the results they were hoping for or promised by the program, they end up quitting. Sound familiar?

You won’t have to worry about this with the Fat Diminisher. You don’t have to create your own eating plan or figure out complicated combinations of foods. You don’t have to decide when is the right time to eat or worry about food measurements. Fat Diminisher does all this for you.


Real Results That Can Be Trusted

The official website of Fat Diminisher has a video that offer some before and after success stories of people who have tried the program and experienced great results.  Some people have changed their lives with this program and saw improvements in their bodies, their looks, and their health as well as other areas of their lives. One of the most often seen benefits after losing the weight is a lot more stamina and energy. Something everyone can use!

The website’s video explains the impact to your health by using the Fat Diminisher to get rid of unwanted weight.  Weight loss of any kind is good but with this program that weight loss will happen quickly, inspiring you to stick with it.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

Diabetes, Hypertension, and Other Health Issues

Also in this video you will hear about people who are dealing with hypertension, diabetes, or who spend tons of money on prescriptions for cholesterol issues or sleep apnea.  If you’re overweight, chances are you are concerned about these issues too or maybe you already have health problems that have come from being overweight.

Have you noticed that you don’t want to interact with anyone, be social, even with family, or go out after you are done with work for the day?  Exhaustion that comes from weight issues can be debilitating and no one wants to worry about their health every day.

The Back Story of the Video

The video on the website begins with the near-death story of Wes Virgin, a US soldier.  When you first watch the video you may feel confused as to the connection between losing weight and this video.  You won’t see sales pitches to buy the program or read the book. Instead the video will explain to you how and why Wes Virgin created the Fat Diminisher and the reason he chose to tell the world about it.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

Who is Wes Virgin?

Wesley Virgin, known as Wed, is the creator of Fat Diminisher. He is a diet expert and fitness coach who was in the military. His job was to handle the fitness training of the soldiers.  These regular Americans were just like the majority of civilians. They were not in any better or worse shape than most Americans. They were mostly middle-aged women and men that had very little knowledge of fitness.

There were many things that Wes tried to help the soldiers including:

  • Making sure they drank a lot of water
  • Eliminated carbs
  • Hid the salt shakers from the soldiers in the mess hall

As most people know, in the military, high standards are held and results are expected.  Virgin wasn’t able to produce the results his superiors wanted so he had to get creative and find a new solution. His problem to solve was to help the average person lose weight quickly without sacrificing physical strength or energy.  He started testing many different diets including every popular diet on the market.

This testing resulted in numerous failures among large groups of people at first but then he started to make progress.  He did this by taking the best points from each of the different programs he tested and combined them into a simple to understand, easy-to-follow program. He used this diet as a tool for his work in the military.  He wasn’t focused on commercially manufacturing the program, he really didn’t consider it a product at all; it was simply a tool that was working.

After a time, Virgin met Severino, a drop out from Harvard Med School. This was not your run of the mill drop-out. Severino was not a poor student who was lazy; he had excellent grades. The medical industry tends to be all about the money, especially in the fitness and diet industry.  Severino conducted research on losing weight and was interested to discover how a person could lose a substantial amount of weight in as short a time as possible.

Unfortunately, Severino’s methods were overly simple.  No expensive equipment was needed nor any supplements.  The weight loss industry deemed his research to be bad business that did not yield any profit whatsoever. The simplicity of his methods threatened the diet industry and they shut him down.

Fortunately, Wes Virgin was not into fitness and health to make money or sell things, he just wanted to create a viable program that provided the results he and his superiors demanded.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

The Fat Diminisher in a Nutshell

The Fat Diminisher diet is simple.  The foundation of the plan goes back to what has been working for decades; eating what you are meant to eat.  It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.  Being overweight is a problem from the last few decades.

Following this program will encourage your body to get rid of free radicals, toxins, and additives that have been accumulating over the years.  It does this by providing the body the proper nutrients so it can flush out all the ones it doesn’t need.

Losing weight at a steady rate can be very simple as long as you stick to a few guidelines that will ensure your success. That is the prime focus of the Fat Diminisher.


Included in the Fat Diminisher Plan

Below are a few of the guidelines that are included in this program. Due to copyright laws, too much of the information cannot be posted.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

  • Don’t Fear Fats – Healthy fats are not bad for you. Many people fear even healthy fats because of the negative connotation the word ‘fat’ has earned. Healthy fats are a necessary part of having a fit, healthy body. You just have to know which ones to eat and how much of them.
  • Carbs Can Be Good – There are no-low carb trends in this plan. The brain needs carbs to function properly so eating the right kinds and the right amounts of them will provide the brain power your body needs.
  • Needed Vitamins and Minerals – Because this plan originally was created for soldiers, it was very important that they not starve. Strength, a sharp mind, and stamina were very important and not eating properly would affect that. This program focuses on adding the right kinds of nutrients and vitamins to your eating plan to feed your body properly. This provides optimum performance. 
  • High Quality Protein – One of main facets of this program is eating quality protein on a regular basis. Protein builds and retains muscle which increases your metabolism.  Increased metabolism burns more fat, even when you’re resting, which means more weight loss. 

The Fat Diminisher Diet

The Fat Diminisher Pros

  • 100% digital program that can be accessed on the computer, smartphone, tablet or other devices. It’s very convenient and can be used by more than one person in the family at a time.  It is easily shared between every member of the family. You can even print it out if you prefer.
  • This plan works for everyone regardless of age or sex. It was purposely written to work for a large variety of people. 
  • Instant access is provided as soon as you purchase so you can get started right away. No waiting for things to arrive in the mail. 
  • You will experience fast results with this plan that have been proven, time and time again. It is very motivating to follow a program that you know has worked for thousands of others with excellent results. 
  • This plan provides you with a shopping list that makes fast work of meal planning. It is simple to access on your smartphone so you can get what you need at the store easily.

Easy Money Back Guarantee

If you need some extra reassurance you will love the 60 day money back guarantee you get with this program.  If you don’t like it for some reason, they’ll refund your money, no questions asked. This guarantee offered by the company, shows how confident they are in the Fat Diminisher because they back it 100%.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

No Magic Pills

There are so many fad diets on the market that promise the world and deliver nothing but frustration.  That is not what the Fat Diminisher is about in any way.  There are no skinny pills that will do everything for you.  If you’re not willing to commit and work at this, this program is not for you.  It won’t be easy; you WILL have to put in the work. If you are not willing to do that or you are looking for a program that requires nothing from you, you should not continue reading; this program is not for you.

The Fat Diminisher is not a get-thin-overnight plan.  It is a verified, proven way to lose weight and keep it off. If you’re willing to put in some work and can deal with the fact that it isn’t always going to be easy, there is some good news for you.  This program is going to help you develop the kind of healthy eating habits that will result in successful weight loss.  It will also give you tips and help that will keep you going if you’re tempted to quit.

You are going to achieve some terrific results in the four weeks of this program as long as you stick to it.  Losing weight didn’t happen overnight so expecting to lose it overnight is unrealistic.  You can however, have really great results in the four weeks of the program.  If losing weight was easy, everyone would be thin already.  Committing to the program for four weeks will ensure your success. You can do anything for four weeks!

Start today and you will start to see differences in just a few days.  In a week, other people are going to notice. You will experience looser clothing, more energy, better sleep and you will feel great, better than you have felt in a long time.

Check out This Discount!

Experts are sometimes a dime a dozen.  It can be difficult to separate the lies from the truth and discover what works. So many people are tired of going in circles. If this is you, you will find relief with the Fat Diminisher.

Currently, the Fat Diminisher sells for just $37.  It’s not free but it is worth every penny and don’t forget about that 60 day money back guarantee. This proven plan will provide the results you have been searching for, possibly for years.  Right now, if you’re ready to get started losing, you can take advantage of a great discount that will reduce the price to just $19.99!

There might be some free information on the internet but many don’t have the time or inclination to research the free information, figure out what to do, decide what is working and then maybe in a few months there might be a few pounds of loss.  You can choose this route if you want and hope for the best or you can choose a proven method that is going to work and give you the results and health you want.

Most people don’t have the time to do all this research and work to create a plan for themselves.  Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a solution that guarantees that you will get fast results and be able to spend your time doing what you want instead of searching blogs, forums, and websites trying to find the right combination of information that will work?

 The Fat Diminisher Diet

Cost of the Fat Diminisher

The cost of the Fat Diminisher is not overly expensive. Even without the great discount offered above it is only $37! About the same as a tank of gas currently.  If you purchase the program through these links below you’ll get the excellent discount mentioned above.

Where to Purchase the Fat Diminisher

If you’re ready to get started changing your body, your health, and your life you can purchase the program from the original website only.  You won’t find it anywhere else.  Since Wes Virgin is the one who wrote the program, he only needs one site to sell it. This also assures you that you are getting the genuine program that HE created.

Along with the Fat Diminisher program you will get the following bonuses:

  • Fast Start Guide to get you on the plan quickly so you start seeing results
  • The Truth About Veggies
  • 4 Minute Belly Workout to help you get rid of that unwanted stomach. Who can’t spare four minutes per day?
  • Most Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants

We have provided a secure link to the website below. This link will also provide you bonus code so you will be able to pay less than the majority of people who have purchased the program already. This bonus material is only being offered for a limited time.  If you feel nervous about investing in another so called program that doesn’t work, remember that you have nothing to risk or lose except the unwanted fat and pounds you don’t want.

Many people fail to act out of fear, but you are done with those excuses. This is the program you are looking for and the discount and guarantee provide you with a way to see if it’s for you without having to be afraid that you are wasting your money. If you don’t like it you WILL get your money back but we’re pretty sure you won’t want to return it when you see how simple it is to follow and how great the results are.  Get your copy today and get rid of extra pounds now.

How to Claim the Discount

All you need to do to get the discount is go to the website and wait about 20 seconds. Watch the interesting video and see what that is all about.  After 20 seconds or when you are done with the video, start to exit the browser by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the page. Mac users will find this X on the left.  When you click the X a popup window will appear that offers you the discounted price. It’s that simple!

The Fat Diminisher Diet Review
  • Value
  • Effectiveness
  • Company
  • Ease of Use
  • Low Cost to Follow