Is Ezekiel Bread Good for You

Some people enjoy the fresh smell of bread since it can resonate all of the city block from the local bread house. In the morning hours or later during the day, a fresh loaf of bread with a little butter can be just what the doctor ordered for a good meal. However, because so many people are experiencing a wide variety of different digestive problems today, the type of bread that one eats can make a major difference in how well an individual may feel. So, before people decide to add different kinds of bread to their diet regimen, it is important that they do their research well in advance. This is because there are some breads that can help to eliminate various kinds of health problems instead of making them much worse. One of which is called Ezekiel bread.

What is Ezekiel Bread?

ezekiel-bread1Some people say that Ezekiel Bread can be traced back to early biblical days, which is where the ingredients of this bread can be based off of. Even though it is now the 21st century, the nutrition and the effectiveness of this bread can be appreciated among the youth of the day. Specifically, because this kind of bread cannot be said to be for people who like good whole wheat bread, but for those who want a bread that is packed with all natural ingredients. In fact, based on the research that has been done to date, the recipe for this portion of bread can be secured from the regular bible study group. With this being said, here is a briefing on what this kind of bread contains and what it is meant for.

Benefits of Ezekiel Bread

Made with a Host of Ingredients — Essential for the body

Unlike many other breads on the market today, Ezekiel bread is packed with all kinds of great healthy ingredients. In fact, when people read the package, they may be surprised to know that each slice contains a wide variety of essential sources of nutrition including wheat, barley, millet, lentils and soybeans. All of which makes this kind of bread an excellent way to get the value of what is needed in one setting. With this combination, most health and nutritionists will also recommend Ezekiel Bread as an excellent way to also get the protein needed in the body. Specifically, when these ingredients are combined with eggs and milk.

No Added Sugar

Because so many products on the market contain lots of sugar in their ingredients, there has been a severe rise in illnesses and diseases that people are suffering from today. In fact, even though people are being warned about the evils of eating too much of the refined sugars on a regular basis, some people are still consuming more than their fair share. Many times, the person may not know the amounts that they have consumed since the sugar content may not be seen easily in the marketing or in the packaging of the product. Fortunately, this is not an area of concern for consumers who eat Ezekiel bread, specifically because this bread has no added sugars. Therefore, when it comes to judging a product by the amount of sugars contained in its ingredients, this product passes the test.

Low in Calories

ezekiel-bread2In addition to no added sugar content, this bread is also highly recommended for people who are watching their caloric intake. This is because this bread fits very well into a low-calorie diet regimen for more than one reason, and they are reducing the amounts of calories consumed when eating this knd of bread (80 calories) and helping to sustain long term diet routines, especially since it helps people to remain full for longer periods of time. Therefore, it is a great alternative for replacing various kinds of white bread with Ezekiel bread. The same is true for some of the wheat breads that manufacturers are providing to consumers all over the U.S. and abroad too. Overall, people may want to introduce this kind of bread to the entire family since it can help to maintain a healthy life style, while also assisting with keeping everyone’s weight under control.

Drawbacks to Eating Ezekiel

Though there are many great advantages to adding this bread into the family diets, there are some drawbacks to including this bread on the the menu too. One of the biggest concerns is the number of carbs that it contains. Since some diets restrict the number of carbs that can be eaten within a certain span of time, the carb content can be very high. Specifically, if the low carb diet will only allow an individual to eat 20 carbs within days time frame.

ezekiel-bread3Gluten free dieters need to watch out too, even though this bread may considered to be low, gluten is included in the ingredients. Meaning people need to be made aware of these factors before they serve this bread to their families. Primarily, since people with celiac disease are affected by foods that contain gluten, it is normally best to steer away from it.


Is Ezekiel bread good for you? The answer to this question is based on a number of different factors. Some of which involves the type of diet that the person is following, the kind of ingredients included in its recipe, the person’s personal preferences as well as any dietary requirements that will affect an individual’s health like gluten free diet regimens.

With that being said, the ingredients in this bread is packed with all types of natural organic foods that is good for the body. Many of which include millet, barley, and other ingredients that can help to protect ones health. Additional benefits of eating this kind of bread on a regular basis is the fact that is low in calories so it is good for losing weight. However, if the diet that the person follows is low carb, this is normally not the best choice or option for that dieter. So, the answer to this question appears to be relative to a lot of different things and factors.