Is Odwalla Good for You

Many healthy and high nutrition products have become common place all of over the United States. Since the current statistics support a growing number of medical conditions that plague the population in many cities in virtually every state, people are being warned about the hazards of not paying close attention to their foods that they eat. Doctors and nutrition specialists alike are recommending all kinds of all healthy foods and drinks to keep everyone safe.

odwalla1This is one of the primary reasons why manufacturers who know what the consumers want and like are focusing on meeting the demand of this health conscious generation. From creating exercise programs that benefit specific areas of the body to developing health foods and drinks that people eat on a regular basis. The drive to supply better foods and nutrition is constantly increasingly as the demand for healthier products rises among adults and the youth. So, for those of you who may be interested in some of the top products that offer better healthy choices, you may want to see what Odwalla provides in their ingredients. Here’s a list of the foods and beverages that should be reviewed first.

Odwalla Smoothie and its Ingredients

To determine if a product is actually healthy, one of the first things that should be done is to check out the ingredients. Since the Food and Drug Administration is requiring manufacturers to list all of the ingredients on the label of each product that’s made, people can read the label to see if the ingredients are healthy or unhealthy. With this in mind, we will review Odwall Smoothies to see what they contain.

From Concentrate – Is not what you want to read

First of all, when reading the label, there are a few statements that stand out. Even though Odwalla Smoothies are currently marketed as a super food, some of the main ingredients on the label precedes with the keywords that says ‘from concentrate’. In fact, because it is a mixture of fruits, ‘from concentrate’ is used numerous times to list what is actually in it. Unfortunately, this is a very bad start since the words that people should be looking for is pure apple juice, pure orange juice, pure pineapple juice and the like. From concentrate is not the words that we want to see when we want a beverage that is healthy. This is because from concentrate normally implies added sugars along with additives that cannot be tracked back to all natural fruits. So, in effect, what they are really saying is, this smoothie is not really healthy at all.

High Sugar Content Leads to Extra Weight

odwalla2Further, when reading the label for more information, consumers will also find that the sugar content is extremely high. For instance, the carbs in one serving of Oswallla fruit smoothie is a big whopping 58 grams, which is approximately 20% of the ingredients contained in this beverage. Since sugars lead to more fat, and fat leads to more weight gain, obesity will be the end result of drinking this product on a regular basis as a healthy superfood. So, it is important for people to read the label themselves very carefully, and then take what the marketing ads in these companies are saying with a grain a salt. More simply put, the adds for this ‘healthy’ product is completely misleading, specifically when it comes to the high sugar content alone.

Ingredients that Attract Health Conscious People

Kale, Spirulina, wheat grass, and barley grass are healthy contents that people can benefit from eating when they add them to their diets on a regular basis. This is because these foods are known for being high in fiber content and other essential vitamins and minerals so they are actually good for the digestive system. This is also why these fruit and vegetables are highly recommended, especially when they are offered in a beverage.

On the other hand, if a fruit beverage has more sugar content than a coke, it may be time to decide that this smoothie cannot be half as healthy as one is led to believe. In fact, on the front end of this kind of marketing campaign, it is very easy to reel healthy conscious into the fold. However, when the person begins to read all of the unhealthy ingredients included in one serving, they may quickly decide that this is not the correct choice for them. Also, because the downsides of drinking this kind of beverage is so high, it completely knocks out the possibilities of it being a healthy drink that is filled with healthy benefits.

Snack Bars

odwalla3In addition to fruit smoothies, Oswalla produces healthy snack bars too. In fact, they are filled with all kinds of ingredients that make this bar filled with potential health benefits. In one of their health bars, people should also beware, however, of the sugar content since it has a relatively high amount of carbs in these small bars. For instance, one 2 oz whole cereal snack bar has 200 calories and 30 grams of carbs. Though this may not sound like much to some people, these high amounts can completely destroy low carb and low calories diets.

Is Oswalla healthy for you? Well, according to the ads, their smoothies and their whole cereal snack bars are great for keeping healthy and losing weight. Also, the ingredients on the back of the product is also filled with names of healthy fruits and vegetables that people should fill up on everyday. However, when people read the details on the label, they may get a completely different picture. Specifically, because the ingredients in the beverages and the whole cereal protein bars can be a little disturbing, especially since these smoothies and snack bars are made with very high contents of sugar and calories. Meaning people who are also trying to lose weight can kill their diets before getting started. Specifically, comparing the carbs in a smoothie and the carbs in a coke. Based on the information on the back of both, a serving of Oswalla Smoothie has a higher level of sugar content than a serving a coke.