Is Refined Coconut Oil Good for You

Some people believe in making use of every part of the fruits, vegetables or meats that they buy if they feel that can get the maximum nutritional benefits out of them. Over the years, this has been especially true in many cultures that did not believe in waste. Today, many health and nutritionists are recommending all kinds of different foods, beverages, oils and other things that will help to provide the nutrition that the body needs. This is one of the main reasons why the oil from coconuts are now being used as a healthy supplement for the body. With that being said, however, Is coconut oil good for you?

refined-coconut-oil1Before responding to this kind of question, it is important that several factors are addressed about coconut oil in advanced. Some of which have been provided below along with the benefits that this oil is expected to supply.

Refined vs Unrefined Coconut

As referenced above, one of the first things that people should know is that there is more than one type of coconut oil, and they have different characteristics and benefits that people can take advantage of when they need it for nutrition. The two types that people can purchased includes those that have been refined and those that are classed as unrefined. Therefore, people should know about each type and what they offer to before they make their selections for purchase.

Refined Coconut Oil

Refined coconut can be described as the type of oil that has already been bleached, and deodorized. The manufacturer makes this oil from copra, which is simply the dried meat from the coconut. Because the oil that comes from the copra has a lot of contaminants in them, it has to be put through a purification process and dried before it can be used. Once the purification process is complete (bleaching), the next step in this process is to deodorize it in order to remove a distinct odor and flavor that it normally contains. Because coconut oil has a shelf life that manufacturers want to extend, they add also sodium hydroxide after it is has been deodorized. Also, when the manufacturers want to make sure that they are getting all of the meat from the copra, they may use a chemical solvent for this procedure.

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil can be referred to by a number of different names including pure coconut oil and virgin coconut oil. When unrefined coconut oil is made for use or purchased, the manufacturer will make this kind of oil from its fresh meat source instead of dried coconut meat. To make sure this process is completed properly as it should be, the manufacturer may choose one of 2 processes, which involves the use of wet milling and quick drying.

refined-coconut-oil2The most commonly used coconut oil process in the industry, however, is quick drying. With the quick drying process, the fresh coconut meat is sent through a mechanically expressed process. On the other hand, the manufacturer may choose to a wet milling process, which involves the use of fresh meat from the coconut being fermented, boiled, or it may be separated from its milk via centrifuge or enzymes. With this technique, the oil retains its own distinct flavors and odor since no additives are included in the manufacturing process.

Unrefined vs Refined Coconut Oil and its Nutritional benefits

Even though coconut oil is normally marketed with a variety of great benefits and people are coveting for their own use, it is important for people who want to take advantage of them to make sure that they are making an investment in the right type, refined versus unrefined types. As with any other refined product, the manufacturer does certain processes that changes the chemical make-up along with the nutritional content. So, all of the actual benefits that would normally exist in these types of products are normally gone by the time that they hit the shelves in grocery stores and other market places around the globe today.

The same is true for coconut oil since the bleaching and deodorizing process causes undue damages that eliminates the health benefits that is normally contained in its ingredients. On the other hand, when the refinement process is not done, the product will be placed on the shelves in its unrefined state. Therefore, when people buy these products, they can benefit from all of the nutritional value that it originally contains. For instance, when people use unrefined coconut oil, they will find that it has the following benefits.

Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis

refined-coconut-oil3People who suffer from arthritis, will be more than happy to know that unrefined coconut is effective in treating these conditions. Since coconut is an all-natural treatment for reducing inflammation, it can easily replace many of the harmful prescription medications that some physicians prescribe to their patients. According to a study that was conducted in India, unrefined coconut oil is high levels of antioxidants so it can suppress inflammatory cells.

Improves Digestion and Improves Gut Health

In addition to being an effective treatment for arthritis, coconut oil can help to improve the digestion system. This is because the ingredients in this oil helps the body to absorb various kinds of vitamins and minerals much better (i.e. magnesium, fat-soluble vitamins and calcium). Similar to eating good quality yogurt without the high fat and high sugar content, coconut oil is also considered to be healthy for the gut since it destroy bad bacteria, while also decreasing acid that is contained in the stomach.

Coconut oil has many different great health benefits. However, before anyone goes out and purchases coconut oil, there are few things that they need to know. Some of the most important is knowing the difference between refined and unrefined coconut and how the manufacturing process for both work. Also, it is important for everyone to know which one offers the greatest health benefits and what they can take advantage of. Since the refined coconut oils have been damaged by bleaching and deodorizers, people should choose the unrefined coconut oils, especially because they are great cures for arthritis and correcting digestive problems in the body.