Is Snapple Good for You

Since the inception of sodas, people have enjoyed the delicious taste of a wide diversity of different flavorful drinks. From pineapple and kiwi to peach sodas that go great will virtually any meal, sodas have become a staple in many homes today. In some situations, a family may not drink anything but a specific type of flavor or brand, and they will drink them at any time of the day or night.

snapple1On the other hand, there are families that do exist without all of the added sugars and carbonated ingredients in these drinks. In fact, when these groups of people turned from high calorie, high carb sodas, a lot of them turned to other flavor packed drinks and teas like Snapple. Snapple has been around for a long time so it is easily a family favorite for those who want to eliminate the carbonation from their diet regimen, but also keep in the flavor.

Before going forward, however, with more information about Snapple, it is important for us to answer the question, Is Snapple good for you? The answer to this question does not have to be difficult, especially because there is a lot of great information online that can explain why it is good for you or why it is not the best beverage on the market today. So, with this in mind, let us get started with what it is in Snapple.

Citric Acid

First of all, Snapple is currently marketed as being the best stuff on earth. However, contrary to the marketing scheme that is being played in everyone’s head every time that they reach for a 16 oz bottle, this cannot be true. In fact, according to the back of the bottle, this tea contains citric acid. Even though we see the words citric acid all of the time, it does not negate the fact the ingredient in Snapple is harmful. This is because the citric acid that it is in the bottle is not natural flavorings. Instead, some of the health and fitness community are comparing it to the ingredients in lemon pledge. Meaning this tea has completely failed the first part of the test that helps to determine if this beverage is good for you.

Zero Antioxidants

Because the health community is doing a lot today to educate the public, one common name that many people are familiar with today is the word antioxidants. In fact, when a food or beverage contains antioxidants, this is considered to be a coveted food that is welcomed by a large number of people. Even though this is true, the ingredients in Snapple does not contain antioxidants or a sufficient enough amount for the body to use to remain healthy.

snapple2Therefore, if a person is looking to drink Snapple because of its antioxidant value, they may quickly find that antioxidants are either severely limited or non-existence. Specifically, because antioxidants can dissipate in one of two times, which is disintegration when it is being brewed or during its shelf life.

Loaded with Sugar

Some people are doing every thing that they can to avoid the added sugars in their foods and their beverages. In fact, once they have read the label and the dialogue behind, they may decide to quit eating and drinking certain beverages altogether. Since loads of sugar content is in Snapple, people are wide open to a number of different unhealthy practices. In some cases, the person may be trying to lose weight with very little success. Mainly, because the sugar content in one serving of Snapple (i.e. 8 oz.) is exceptionally high. Therefore, when people are drinking Snapple for any meal it is important that people evaluate their diet, specifically as it relates to adding all of these added sugars in any kind of diet regimen.

Contains Aspartame

Even though the amount of sugar in Snapple raises a red flag, not all Snapple beverages are made with sugar. Specifically, because Snapple makes a line of diet teas that have been made for people who are cutting down on their sugar as well as their caloric intake. While this kind of beverage sounds good for the dieters, there are some major drawbacks that should also be considered.

snapple3Therefore, today’s dieters do not need to get too comfortable with drinking this beverage as a solution to losing weight. Specifically, because the ingredient that replaces sugar is aspartame. While many people are consuming Aspartame in a lot of the foods, beverages and gums that people consume on a regular basis, this ingredient has been reported many times as being the cause of many of the illnesses and diseases that people are suffering from. Some of which involves a variety of very serious medical conditions like cancer brain tumors and the like. As a result of these findings, diet Snapples are never a healthy alternative beverage for any reason.

Is Snapple good for you? With all of the data that has been reported on this beverage, the answer is quite clear. In fact, though the marketing of this tea may lead people to think that it is a wonderful drink for anyone who has interest in consuming them, the information that has been reported on its ingredients does not relay the same message. This is because there is more than enough evidence that says Snapple can be as addictive and harmful as high calorie high carb sodas, especially since it is packed with lots of sugar in each serving. Even when people decide to avoid the high calorie Snapple teas by drinking their diet tea versions, it only opens up more horrible doors by introducing their loyal customers to the harmful side effects of aspartame. Therefore, if anyone is thinking about drinking Snapple on a regular basis as a substitute for replacing high carb sodas, they may find that this replacement is virtually the same or very similar. Mainly, because the makers of Snapple are only giving the public an illusion of Snapple being a healthy tea for people who are health conscious and those who want to lose weight.