Is Swai Good for You

Some people are watching their diets very carefully today. Mainly because there are so many different types of foods on the market that may cause significant health problems. In fact, some of these foods have been linked to many of the illnesses and diseases that people are suffering from. This is why some people are asking all of the questions that they can about the food choices that they make when they enter the super market or grocery stores.

swai1From asking how fresh the meat that they are buying is to reviewing each label to see what they contain, eating the right foods is not always as easy one may think. Specifically, because the food industry is filled with so many guidelines, rules, regulations and exceptions that addresses what is healthy and what is not. This is one of the primary reasons why people are asking questions like, Is Swai good for you? Specifically, for they make their purchases from their local markets and grocery stores.


In the past, the answer to this type of question would be quite simple, especially since Swai is a type of fish. Unlike ground beef, pork and other sources of protein, fish has always been considered as a healthy choice for people who wanted to stay fit and healthy. Fish is also good food choices for those who want to lose a certain amount of weight by a specific time frame. Unfortunately, because there are so many different factors involved in manufacturing and promoting healthy foods today, it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between what is healthy and bad for or consumers, even in the fish market. That being said, there are many different facts that people should be aware of prior to serving Swai or any kind of fish on the family’s table. Some of which are referenced in the sections below.

What is Swai?

Firstly, Swai can be described as a white-flesh fish that can be found in many areas around the globe. Typically, this fish is currently being made available in the fillet form so it is relatively easy to find in many stores in the U.S. Based on the information that comes from Swai fish eaters, this fish has a mild sweet taste that many people enjoy. When it is broiled, baked or grilled, its texture can be described as light and flaky and easy to eat. This fish can be coated with bread crumbs or corn meal and then pan fried. Once fried, some people will also serve this fish with a wide variety of different sauces. Similar to the catfish, it may be referred to in California and other places as a river farmed catfish. Swai is considered to be an economical fish that people eat all the time, and can be found in places like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, especially since it is native to Southeast Asia.



Great source of Protein

swai2Just like other fish types, swai is also known for being a good source of protein. Therefore, people who are on high protein diets may want to consider swai fish as another food that can add variety of their diet regimen or program. Because swai fish is so high in this nutrients, people who consume it usually get as much as 30% percent of their daily requirement in only one serving. With this kind of protein, dieters will also feel fuller faster so they will automatically eat less as well as consume a lower number of calories. So, it is not only good for getting the protein for the body, it is a great way to lose more weight.

Heart Healthy

Based on information published in the ‘Doctors Book of Remedies’, this fish is exceptionally rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, approximately one half of the calories in this fish comes from fat. However, this fat content is healthy and not bad. Meaning it helps to promote good heart health instead of inhibiting it. So, for those who decide to eat swai on a fairly regular basis, they may find that they can take advantage of a number of excellent health benefits. For instance, the nutrients in this fish will help to keep the blood flowing freely, while also preventing blood clots in the body from forming. As a result, it will lessen the chances and risks of strokes and major heart attacks.

Health Risks and Drawbacks to Adding Swai to a Diet

swai3Even though sway fish does have numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks to eating swai fish too. One of the most notable that people may be concerned about is its high source of mercury content. Meaning the long term effects of eating foods like Swai, with its high levels of mercury, may also involve causing damage to the nervous system. Some of the most common and prominent signs and symptoms usually include disturbances with speech, hearing and vision. In certain situations, the person may also be subject to numbness and tingling of the toes and fingers and muscle weakness if the levels of mercury are too high.

It is also important to note that there are other health risks that people should consider before adding swai fish to a regular diet program. One of which involves where this kind of fish is coming from and how it is being massed produced. Based on the area in which this fish is exported, it may contain antibiotics that can be a danger to humans. Therefore, in order to make sure each person is getting the ultimate benefits of eating swai, without compromising their health with mass production of fish, everybody should always know where the swai is coming from and how it is being produced.


Is swai good for you? The answer to this question can vary greatly based on several different factors. Generally speaking, this type of fish offers several great heathy benefits since it contains a significant source of omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein and is good for the heart. However, before people add swai to their diet regimens, it is important for them to know where this fish source is coming from. Specifically, when swai is being massed produced in the U.S. or abroad.