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The Women’s Party Policies

Below you can click through and read more on The Women’s Party Policies on a range of subjects. We are continuing to develop the policies of the party and very much welcome the input of our members.

“The Women’s Party” is a political movement to primarily attain equal representation of women in our federal and state parliaments and to select and endorse candidates so that we may have an equal input and say in the decision-making process in the management of our Nation.

Condescension, Abuse, Bullying, Violence and Control have long been hallmarks in our daily lives and in Australian political attitudes towards women.

It is time for women to stand up and say enough!

Equal Representation for The Women's Party
Equal Representation 2500 1667 admin

Equal Representation

Equal Representation Working within our parliamentary political system, women are 6.6 times more likely to respond with transparency and honesty…

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the womens party - womens issues
Women’s Issues 5418 3612 admin

Women’s Issues

Women’s Issues Women’s rights are human rights. Due to social structures, traditions, stereotypes and attitudes about women and their role…

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the womens party - corruption
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Corruption Rooting out corruption within Australian politics and public service 85% of Australians believe that all politicians are corrupt. Former judges…

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the womens party first nations peoples rights
First Nations Peoples 4928 3264 admin

First Nations Peoples

First Nations People (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) Rights and Recognition As a nation we need to honour the unique…

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the womens party - climate change
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Climate Change

Climate Change & Global Warming A change in the political agenda is essential and it is time for our politicians…

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National Constitution The womens Party
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National Constituion

The Australian Constitution Is an ongoing disgrace, we of course not just talking about the lack of rights within our…

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