Best Cleansing Oil Reviews

Keeping your skin moisturized is a great thing, but keeping it completely clean is even more important.

That’s why you want to take a look at the right cleansing oils that will get deep into your pores and get rid of any kind of dirt or debris that may find its way in there while you’re going about your normal day. There’s no reason you should have to suffer with less than ideal skin, after all.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is designed to give you just what your body is looking for and just what your skin really needs in order to look better and feel better at the same time. The oil helps you get rid of anything and everything from dirt and oil to mascara and more so you’re going to have great looking skin that still isn’t oily or greasy. That’s because the last thing you’re going to want on your face is a whole lot of oily mess from your cleansing products.

All you have to do is rinse your face and it all comes off right away. Because it’s made with a mix of Vitamin E and olive oil you also don’t have to worry about your skin getting dried out from the new oils being introduced and scrubbed away. Instead, you just sit back and enjoy your cleaner skin that also has a whole lot more moisture that you’ve been looking for. It’s also going to make your skin feel softer than ever so make sure you’re trying it out for yourself.

  • The easy to use pump bottle makes it simple to get just the right amount of oil for one washing and then you just set it back away, wherever you want. It’s large enough to last you a while, but still small enough that you can easily store it away in a cupboard or cabinet without having to worry about it.
  • When you want to use it just pull out the bottle, use a small amount at a time and rub into your face to pull out any kind of debris you want to get rid of. Then rinse it off and start feeling the great results that are left over.

#2 Foxbrim Makeup Remover & Facial Oil

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The Foxbrim Makeup Remover & Facial Oil is made with 100% natural ingredients to make sure that what you’re getting is completely safe and comfortable for your skin. Everything is not just natural, however, but organic, cruelty free, vegan and a whole lot more. That means you know you’re getting something super good for you and super good for the environment at the same time. Plus it’s guaranteed to be exactly what you’re looking for so you don’t need to keep looking for anything new.

With this oil you can use it no matter what type of skin you have and you’ll be able to get your face a whole lot more clean and hydrated than you’ve been with other oils or even moisturizers. That’s because this oil is designed to give you all the best natural ingredients designed for just that. This includes collagen growth and healing alongside the natural hydration and cleansing, so you r skin is actually going to be better and not just look better.

The most important ingredients you’re going to get here are grapeseed oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil, each of which has its own special abilities to make sure you’re going to be doing better than ever. Jojoba oil is even able to improve skin infections because it has anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties. You’re going to be doing even better than you might think using this.

  • Because it’s made with all natural ingredients you also want a small bottle at a time to make sure you’re getting active ingredients that aren’t getting too old.
  • When you’re ready to use it all you need to do is pour a little oil onto a pad and swipe it gently over your face to make sure that it soaks well into all of your pores. Then wipe it off and get ready to go on with your day (or night).

#3 The Face Shop Rice Water Bright

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The Face Shop Rice Water is lightweight to make sure you’re getting what you want from it and nothing else. You don’t want a product that is going to make your skin all oily or clog your pores right after it’s gone through the process of clearing them out. You’re going to get 150 mL of this great product in a super easy to use pump bottle. All you need to do is set it out on your counter or even put it away in a cupboard and it will be ready for you to use whenever you want.

This cleanser is completely clear and the bottle is too so you can always see exactly what you’re getting, nothing artificial including colors. That’s because the product is made with rice water, which is going to help cleans your skin and also make it seem brighter, fresher and healthier at the same time. It’s not actually an ‘oil’ at all but a specialty cleansing water that takes care of all of the impurities in your skin quickly and effectively as well. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any oil.

  • This water actually contains something called Moringa oil, which is a special plant grown in India that has excellent detoxifying abilities. It actually helps you get rid of just about anything that might get into your skin that you don’t want there and it does this easily, without having to scrub hard at your skin or work too much to get it deep into the pores. It doesn’t make your skin oily and it doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind. That’s important when it comes to improving your skin and your face without harming it in different ways at the same time.

Best Cleansing Oil Buyer’s Guide


The first thing you want to look at are the actual oils that are being used in your cleansing oil. There are so many different kinds that it might be difficult to figure out which ones you really want and which ones are more specialized. After all, you don’t need an oil designed for dry skin if you actually have oily skin and you don’t want something for normal skin if yours is sensitive. These things are going to impact the specific types of oils that you want.


For the most part this is going to depend on the types of oil that are in your cleanser but it’s also going to be somewhat of a personal preference. Some oils are going to be thick, which makes them easier to use like you would use a pump soap. Others are quite thin and you’ll actually need to use them on a cotton ball or pad in order to get enough to cleanse your skin. Make sure you know what you want and what you’re getting.

Other Benefits

Some oils are designed only to cleanse your face while others are actually designed for bigger and better things, like healing your skin, reducing inflammation or even providing hydration benefits. You want to look at your options and decide on an oil that’s going to give you the combination of benefits that you’re actually looking for rather than just a few basic benefits that you can get from anywhere.


You definitely want to know what is in your oil besides oil so make sure you’re checking all of the ingredients on the list. If there are chemicals or other additives it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pick something else, but you should definitely be aware of what you’re getting. Make sure you know what’s in there and what it’s supposed to do for you. You’ll also want to look into anything that it could do that could be dangerous as this is something you never know with non-natural ingredients. Looking into it at least isn’t going to hurt anything and it definitely could be a big help.

A good cleansing oil is supposed to help you feel better and it’s supposed to make your skin look better at the same time. With so many different options out there, however, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting into and you definitely want to make sure you’re prepared for what you’re getting. You also want to make sure that you’re getting a product you can feel safe and comfortable using. After all, there are so many that it can sometimes be difficult to figure out. Make sure you look around and then make sure that you’re going to be able to use the product the way you want. That’s how you’re going to get it to work out the best for you, after all, and it’s the only way anything changes for your skin.


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