Sleep Mask Reviews

Buying a sleep mask may seem simple and easy but once you get started you will see just how many different brands and varieties there are, what you expected to be a simple purchase may become a lot more complicated.

The purpose of a quality sleep mask is to help you shut out unwanted light and to produce melatonin which is a natural hormone produced in the body that will help you fall asleep more easily. The right sleep mask will be comfortable, easy to put on and take off and will feel good against your skin.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

This was the top criteria we used for selecting the best sleep mask. If you want to skip everything and go straight for the purchase, the Sleep Mask for Women and Men by RiptGear has all of these features and more and was our “Best Overall pick.” 

Most people do not get the amount of sleep each night that is recommended, which is 7 -9 hours of sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep is responsible for many health problems and affects both your body and brain.  With the importance of sleep proven by many studies, getting good quality sleep should be a priority and the right sleep mask can help you achieve that.

The most important question is which is the best sleep mask for you? There are many factors to consider when you are sorting through the dozens of choices available.  Everything you need to know about choosing the right sleep mask is included in this guide so you will not have to go from site to site trying to figure it out on your own.

You COULD figure it out by taking the route of site hopping but we made it easy for you by compiling this review and guide that is informative and easy to understand. In this review and guide you will learn about the top three sleep masks that are in the top three on many sites and we’ll tell you why they are popular with consumers.

Our objective is to provide you with the confidence to look over the different offerings and eliminate the ones that don’t provide what you need and want even if you didn’t know much about sleep masks before you read this. All sleep masks are not created equal even if they look similar so understanding the features to look for and what to avoid will be important things for you to learn.  This knowledge will make your choice a lot easier.

#1 RiptGear

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You’ll be able to sleep anytime, anywhere with this sleep mask from RiptGear. It is the perfect way to feel refreshed and rested without having to take pills.

The super light sleep mask features a 3D contoured shape that won’t press against your eyelids.

The comfortable mask works by blocking out unwanted light and the design ensures it will stay in place all night without shifting or sliding. If you are suffering from insomnia or other disorders that affect your sleep, this is the mask to get.

There are several things you can expect from the sleep mask for men and women from RiptGear including improved sleep, relief for migraine sufferers, improved blood circulation, and is hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate your skin.

Keeping your sleep mask clean is easy too; just rinse it off with cold water and allow it to air dry. The adjustable straps, contoured design and breathable material will help you have the kind of sleep you’ve been hoping for.


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If you are looking for relief from migraines, insomnia, and restless sleep you may want to take a look at LMASK contoured sleep mask.  Fall asleep quickly and relieve facial stress by slipping on this lightweight mask before bed.

The materials used in construction of this comfortable sleep mask feel so light that you will forget you have something on your face at night.

Features of this comfortable sleep mask include deeper eye cups that are also wider than traditional silk masks and have a contoured shape that allows you to blink without scraping your eyelashes against the mask.  The unique design frees your nose as well so you don’t feel claustrophobic when you are wearing it.

The headband is adjustable and made of elastic that will not snag your hair and can be used for any sized head.  The edge sealing technology used to make this sleep mask is durable and prevents the mask from falling apart.  

The thin material that is used absorbs the heat and provides plenty of air flow so you don’t feel stuffiness or discomfort even in the summer. These sleep masks come with a 12 month refund guarantee that if you are not happy with the mask for any reason they will give you a refund.

#3 Victuna

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Victuna sleep masks are the answer to many sleep problems including insomnia, dark circles, dry eyes, puffy eyes and other problems that can arise from lack of proper sleep. 

The shape of the mask is 3d contour shape with deep, large eye cups that don’t put any pressure on the eye itself nor will it touch your lashes or eyelids.

This mask is made from soft fabric and memory foam that is comfortable and smooth against your skin.  The breathable fabric allows air circulation so you do not get uncomfortable while wearing it. 

The adjustable strap is made of soft elastic and fits almost all head sizes, the adjustable Velcro ranges from 4 to 8 inches and seals well without snagging the pillow or your hair. 

The durable construction and sturdy stitching prevent the mask from falling apart even with nightly use and you won’t experience any odor, fading or loose stitching either.  The Victuna sleep mask cleans up easily with a cold water rinse and air drying.  There is also a convenient cotton pouch to store it in, making it perfect for taking with you when you travel.

Summary of Our Top Picks

Any one of these sleep masks will be a great addition to your nightly sleep routine and will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up more rested.  Each one of the three masks featured above has been designed for comfort, durability, and long lastingness.  When you start looking for the right sleep mask for your needs any one of these masks will be a great choice.

They also come with a guarantee if for some reason they do not perform the way you expected or hoped. These satisfaction policies allow you to try them and see if you like the one you choose for your perfect night’s sleep.

Sleep Mask Buying Guide

Sleep Mask Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best sleeping mask, keep in mind that you are looking for the best mask for YOU which may not necessarily be the best for someone else. By the time you have finished this guide you will know how to find the best sleeping mask for your specific needs and preferences.

Sleep masks are also called eye masks or eye shades. They come in a large variety of styles, materials, shapes, and colors.  All sleep masks are not the same; there are some that are much better quality than others. We will help you learn how to sort through them and look for the features that make a certain sleep mask a quality one.

Don’t just go online and choose the first or cheapest mask you come across. This is a good way to waste your money and end up disappointed and not sleeping any better.  Take a few minutes of your time and save yourself the headache of having to return a sleeping mask that isn’t what you want. 

Do You Need a Sleep Mask?

The amount of darkness you are sleeping in plays a part in determining the quality of your sleep.   Light in the room can be a real distraction and can prevent you from sleeping deeply or restfully.  How do you know if a sleep mask is the right answer for your sleep problems?

Sleeping masks are the perfect choice for people who work third shift and have to sleep during the day, people who travel a lot and try to catch up on sleep during flights or train trips, and those who just have trouble blocking out enough light to get restful sleep.

If this is your first time wearing a sleeping mask, keep in mind that it will take some time to get used to it. It may actually make the problem worse at first but this is soon remedied so don’t worry. Most people who first start using them say that it takes just a few nights for them to get used to going to sleep with something on their heads.

Sleep Mask Buying Guide

Considerations When Purchasing a Sleep Mask

There are several things you should consider when you are shopping for a sleep mask. After some research on the different masks available as well as the features that improved sleep, here is the list.

  • Cost – Sleep masks can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a couple of hundred for super high end designs and brands. It is not necessary at all to spend a large amount of money on a sleep mask just to get a high quality one.  For a good quality mask you can expect to pay somewhere in the mid-teens and if you want a super high end brand, up to $30-$40 dollars. Anything more than that is just wasting your money.  A cheap sleep mask will not offer the durability, comfort, and other features that higher priced masks offer so you will be just throwing your money away if the only thing you look at is price. 
  • Comfort – Sleeping masks come in many different styles, materials and shapes. Finding one that is comfortable for you to sleep in is very important. A sleep mask that fits too tightly or that slides around a lot of mashes your eyes will not only, not be able to improve your sleep it could very well disturb it further.  Look for adjustable head straps, contoured eye cups, and pay attention to the material that is used to make them. 
  • Light Blocking Ability – The idea behind a sleeping mask is to block the light out so make sure that you can find a mask that offers as much light blockage as possible. While 100% light blocking is perfect, it is not always easy to find models that provide 100% light blocking. The most common areas responsible for letting in light are around the nose and the outer corner of the eyes.  This is why it is beneficial to choose the binoculars that are contoured to the face and have deep eye cups. Most have been asked to l leave some kind of lead even if they never talk to you. 
  • Materials – There are several different types of material that a sleep mask can be made of. Some are just single material and others may include a foam or gel pad that is covered with material on the outside for added comfort.  When choosing a sleep mask, you should consider several things: 

1. How well does it stay in place? – If the sleep mask is made of material that is stiff or rigid it will not stay in place very well if you move around a lot during sleep or you are a side sleeper. If the mask shifts, it can let light seep in which will disturb your sleep, not to mention the discomfort of having the mask out of place. Flexible materials stay in place better and are more comfortable. 

2. Keeping cool – Depending on the material used to make the sleep mask, it could be naturally warmer or cooler. If you find that you get overheated at night you will want to look for a sleep mask made from materials that help you stay cool. The same applies if you usually get cold at night. Some materials are designed to help regulate your body temperature which would keep extreme hot or cold fluctuations from happening. 

3. How it feels – Sleep masks are commonly made from cotton, satin, and silk because they feel good against the skin and are soft to the touch. Sometimes there will be a different material on each side of the mask. You don’t want a mask made from stiff material that feels rough against the skin. If you like to sleep in silk PJs or sleep on satin sheets, get your sleep mask in the same material. 

4. Allergies and sensitive skin – Sometimes people have allergies to certain types of fabric or they may have sensitive skin that becomes irritated by certain fabrics. If you know what type of fabric you have reactions to you can avoid sleep masks made with that material but if you are not sure and you notice that you are having a reaction of some kind, try another type of material.

  • Size and Shape – The position you sleep in plays a part if the shape or bulkiness of the sleep mask you can comfortably wear. Back sleepers don’t really have much issue at all since their faces are up so there is no pressure on the mask.  If you are a side sleeper, think about how the mask will move around or be mashed on as you are sleeping. Remember that flexible materials will be less likely to shift or move around when you are sleeping.  Consider the eye cups as well. Eye cups are built into the mask and accommodate the eyes so the mask is not resting right against your eye lids or putting pressure on your eyes or mashing your eyelashes.  Sleep masks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit every size face so finding one that fits you perfectly will be relatively simple if you look at the adjustability of the mask and material it’s made of. 
  • Styling – The majority of sleep masks you see online are unisex and work equally well for men and women.  They are usually black in color but blue and purple are also common colors.  If you want to find a sleep mask that makes a fashion statement, there are many choices out there for you too.  Some can be made with animal print fabric or a variety of colors and patterns. Keep in mind that the lighter colors, unless they are lined properly, will not keep the light out as well as a dark sleep mask. 
  • Specialty Features –  Most sleep masks are simple in design and don’t have a lot of bells and whistles but if you are looking for something with some extra pizazz, you can look for sleep masks that offer special features including:
    1. Aromatherapy
    2. Hypoallergenic
    3. Herbal
    4. Scented
    5. Natural
    6. Travel

Sleep Mask Buying Guide

Features to Look For When Purchasing

There are some additional factors that you want to look for when you are searching for the best sleep mask.  We have listed them below.

  • Washable – Washable doesn’t mean in the washing machine necessarily, but you want your sleep mask to be able to be cleaned and refreshed easily. Many are able to be rinsed in cold water and then air dried. It is always best to air dry your sleep mask unless it is specially designed to be washed and dried in the machines.  Rinsing and air drying will maintain the sleep masks shape. 
  • Durability – You don’t want to get used to your sleep mask only to have it separate at the seams and fall apart. Look for masks that feature strong, double stitching and that also offer a warranty or replacement guarantee of some kind. 
  • Odor – Some sleep masks have been reported to have an odd odor that is off putting. If you are sensitive to odors you do not want to purchase a sleep mask that is going to keep you awake with its odor. Check the customer comments to see if this is a problem. One complaint could be just a sensitive person; a lot of complaints and it is probably better to pass over that particular model. 
  • Weight – If you are a sensitive sleeper look for sleeping masks that are super lightweight and that don’t apply pressure on the eyes or have head straps that are tight and uncomfortable. Most sleep masks are not “heavy” per se but some may have more stiffness or have foam or gel inserts so they could feel heavier.  
  • Satisfaction guarantees – Since you don’t know how a particular style or design of sleep mask will work for you, look for brands that offer satisfaction guarantees of lifetime warranties against defects in workmanship. Many brands offer guarantees that if you are not happy with the sleep m ask, even after you have tried it for a couple of months, they will give you a refund. Companies that stand behind their products will usually offer satisfaction guarantees so the consumer is happy with the purchase. 


Once you determine what your needs are and factor in your normal sleep position and any allergies you may have choosing the right sleep mask becomes much easier.  With all of the information we have given you in this guide along with the three top rated sleep mask reviews, you will be able to read the descriptions of any sleep mask that interests you and understand what you are getting.

If you’re looking to get a sleep mask quickly you can trust any one of the three top rated sleep masks that we featured above and you will have an excellent product. If you want to look over the many selections available, you now know what to look for to determine the quality.

Don’t forget to look at construction, materials used, any special features that sleep mask may offer such as scented, organic, or herbal and see if the company offers a satisfaction guarantee.  The knowledge this guide has given you will make the purchase process much easier and you will be able to make a confident decision on the right sleep mask for your needs.