Women’s Issues

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the womens party - womens issues

Women’s Issues

Women’s rights are human rights.

the womens party - womens issues

Due to social structures, traditions, stereotypes and attitudes about women and their role in society, women do not always have the opportunity and ability to access and enforce their rights on the same basis as men.

Equal Wages for Women
We will address the economic positive issue of equal wages for women with government, business and commerce from our parliamentary position. On average, Australian women have to work an extra 56 days a year to earn the same pay as men for doing the same work.  Unequal wages are a disgrace, effectively repeating and reinforcing the patriarchal dogma of disrespect and disempowerment of women by patriarchal society. It is unlikely that this issue will be addressed in our current political climate, unless we have unfettered women in our federal parliament daily putting forward our case.

Child Care
Child Care needs to be subsidised and managed by the commonwealth and capped to no more than 7% of family income. With more families and partners working, affordable child care has graduated from once being a luxury to now being a necessity.  It is one of the biggest costs a family faces and should be affordable to all working Australian women and families. The lack of affordable child care is a problem that is affecting our economy and family health.

Women’s Rights
The Women’s Party believes that is a woman’s right to to have absolute control over her own body. Particularly in relation to the issue of pregnancy, unconditionally.

Domestic Abuse
Domestic Abuse and the murder of women needs to be addressed by the Commonwealth Government. It is NOT a state issue it is a national issue and a disgrace that needs to become a federal portfolio of The Minister for Women. We need action not words!

The Women’s Party Is your action party!
The Women’s Party will work and consult with women’s  groups, individuals, organisations and with all other parties and politicians to create solutions to these issues and acknowledge that there are many women’s issues not addressed here.

Further Reading and References

  • Our outdated male dominated political system is more about the male ego that good economics.
    “Goldman Sachs JB Were’s landmark report, Australia’s Hidden Resource: The Economic Case for Increasing Female Participation, estimated that closing the gap between male and female employment would boost Australia’s GDP by 11 per cent”.https://www.smartcompany.com.au/people-human-resources/economic-importance-of-women-in-the-workplace/
  • “The gender pay inequity is still holding Australia back. It might be a hard nut issue, but for women and our wider economy, we need to get cracking.”
    Nareen Young .  Diversity Council Australia
  • Many women tend to believe effort will be rewarded and recognised. They work hard naively believing that they will get meritorious selection. The problem is there is no meritocracy”.
    Anna Bourke MP (retired).